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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Video: Texans Draft Mario Williams Over Reggie Bush / Owner Bob McNair Gives Clue In Discussing "Signability"

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"We need another running back. Reggie Bush is another running back. He's also a receiver....But then McNair stressed that the player -- whomever is selected as theiir first pick, must be "signable." That is the organization's not wondering if their player's going to hold out of training camp after a contract dispute.

That is what Houston Texans owner Bob McNair said while we interviewed him at the NFL's Luncheon at Chelsea Piers on Thursday before the NFL Draft. (The video is at www.nflbusinessblog.com) Last night, the Texans signed North Carolina State Defensive Lineman Mario Williams to a six-year $54 million contract. He will be introduced at the 2006 NFL Draft today, and I will be there.

To put this in perspective, recent reports had Reggie Bush's agent Joe Siegel asking for a signing bonus as high as $30 million.

That's well over half of Mario Williams new contract, and implies that Bush's total asking price could top $70 million.

The Texans may be trying to build a winner, but they're also cost concious in a different way. McNair says that money "Is not an issue" but then explained to me that "we do have a budget" for the Draft. He also hinted that they have expectations of what a kind of player should cost.

My educated guess is that McNair and Casserly determined that signing Bush would require spending "QB - Level" money. So, they went with the more affordable and theoretically "ready to play" Williams. (Both are ready to play, but Bush would be more likely to hold out in a contract dispute.)

It also appears that McNair and Casserly believe Williams will be enough of an impact player at his position to contribute to the development of a championship defense. At least that's what their press clips say.

Meanwhile, this is an obvious blow to the ego and pocket book of Team Reggie Bush. Even deeper still, it may open a rift between Bush and his agent because just last week Bush was recorded as saying that he didn't want a $30 million signing bonus. But it's apparent his agent talked him out of this desire for less money, and with disasterous results for the young man considered the number one pick for so long in the hype building up to this draft.

The Texans have done considerable damage to Team Bush in another way. By signing William for less and making him the number one pick Team Bush can no longer ask for quarterback - level money. They have to settle for less. The question is will they? Now, the New Orleans Saints are "on the clock" and may select Bush. If they skip him, I'll be it's for reasons concerning Team Bush's asking price.

Nw, it's 8:01 Saturday morning. I've gotten little sleep working with this new video strategy and using "You Tube" to upload the video, but it's time well-spent. I'm so excited to get over to Radio City Music Hall. My plan is to leave here by 9 AM. Gotta get dressed.

In closing, here's Bob McNair talking to me and another conventional media guy. (I'm unconventional.)


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