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Saturday, April 29, 2006

An Eventful First Round Ends - Raiders and Niners Get Solid Picks - Niners Score Best First Round

The first round of the NFL Draft came and went but not without drama. There was the Reggie Bush "none-selection" by the Houston Texans, and USC QB Matt Leinart's fall to the Arizona Cardinals, leaving Texas QB the first quarterback taken, and by the Tennessee Titans.

Me? I've been taking a lot of video and talking to a lot of people. When you're one person it's hard to take video, talk to people, come back, blog in fear of missing a press conference, and then download the video -- which calls for waiting. To combat this, I decided to take all of the videos first, then download and edit them all at the same. I wish I Movie worked faster, but I'm glad I have it nonetheless.

The best drafts? Well, I'm going to sound like a homer but the 49ers had the best draft thus far. They took two solid consesus first round impact players: Maryland TE Vernon Davis and DL Mario Williams teammate Manny Lawson, outside linebacker. In the case of Lawson, his stock has moved up considerably. Bil Chackes of NL Scouting said "Lawson was rated as high as a low first round selection in some circles. A quality player but somewhat rough around the edges."

Indianapolis got the running back they needed to replace Edgerrin James, LSU's Joseph Aidi. The Raiders took the best defensive back in the draft, Texas' Michael Huff and to fill a hole created by the departed Charles Woodson.

But the 49ers got the better first round over the Raiders, because one can't argue the fantastic talent of Vernon Davis and Manny Lawson was ranked as high as the seventh best player on some reports floating around here. Davis is excited to play in an offense developed by Norv Turner, the 49ers new offensive coordinator, stating that Norv, "has a great history of knowing what to do with tight ends."

But one who runs as fast as Michael Vick? Well that's something special.

Oh, did I tell you that Reggie Bush's press conference was short and he came off -- to some -- as surly? Well, yes he did. He was clearly upset over not being picked number one, but as Lloyd Vance of "Big Play Radio" said, "He brought it on himself."


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