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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Matt Leinart - Party Boy Loves The Camera, But Can He Focus in The NFL?

There's a school of thought that once Matt Leinart hits the grind of the NFL, he'll not post the same remarkable numbers that he did at USC. While I do disagree with that -- I think Matt will be one of the best -- I do think his first two years will be a bit hard. He's not going to be able to run the streets as he did at USC.

Look, as a Cal-grad who was getting his master's degree there at a time when most my age were still undergrads, I can identify with Matt's love for parties and the ladies. But now millions of dollars are on the line. Will Matt dump all of this fun?

I got these photos from various blog sites. Matt loves the camera and apparently his cocktails. Cool. Where did I get these? Well, there's www.boifromtroy.com for the one with Matt and the women behind him as he's stooping. And the one with the girl is all over the place on Google's image search.

It didn't take long to find them -- 7 minutes tops.

I wondered if RB Reggie Bush, got around as much as Leinart did, but I didn't see anything like the Leinart picks. Not even close.

What I did see was a lot of picts of Reggie running and wearing a suit. A nice image. On the other hand, Matt's got a life made for Hollywood. Gee, that seems a bit more fun to me, but then I went to Cal!

Wait. Reggie's from USC too. Somehow, he managed to keep his fun under wraps.

Smart guy.

All of this will be forgotten when Leinart lifts the Lombardi trophy over his head. I'm confident of that.

Party on Matt! Enjoy life! Just learn when it's time to cut it out stay away from the camera!


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