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Friday, September 11, 2009

Tila Tequila Nguyen - Charges against Merriman dropped by San Diego DA

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The NFL Network just announced that charges filed by Tila Tequila Nguyen against San Diego Chargers Linebacker Shawne Merriman were dropped by the San Diego DA. This ends a most unfortunate episode for the star linebacker, who just last Saturday was out with the MTV reality TV star.

The DA reportedly said that there was insufficient evidence to charge Merriman with assault and imprisonment. But the story told by observers goes deeper. San Diego Channel 10 reported that Tila Tequila Nguyen was jealous that Merriman was in bed with two other woman and not her!

I'm not making this up, folks! This is what Channel 10 wrote:

Sources close to the story told Vara that Tequila -- also known as Tila Nguyen -- was unhappy that she was not the only woman getting attention from Merriman, and jealousy played a role in the early morning altercation.

The sources told Vara that witnesses at Merriman's home said the three-time Pro Bowl linebacker went to his bedroom with two women.

Sources said Tequila walked into the room and Merriman asked her to join them. However, the sources said Tequila reacted angrily and threatened to have sex with a member of Merriman's entourage.

According to sources, Tequila was intoxicated, and she got naked and attempted to leave the house.

Sources told Vara that Merriman, 25, tried to stop the 27-year-old Tequila, and that is when she called 911.


That fits more with the image "Tila Tequlia" herself presents on her website and in her videos as being a "hot" woman who has multiple personalities, enjoys the good life, including champagne, and consistently rants against haters, and talks about how all the guys want her.

You know, I really feel sorry for Nguyen because in a weird way I'm sure someone warned her that her behavior would catch up to her, and it did. Now, her personality is out there for public view in a way that she didn't expect when she called 911 while intoxicated.

It's sad that she has to go through what's going to be a blizzard of Internet chatter against her (see the Twitter tweets) . Tila's fueling it herself, stating that the DA made a reckless decision, and posting this photo...

Im at a big meeting right now....ohhh look whos in the boss c... on Twitpic

Tila's tweeting that "We are looking for my new date!"

Oh, my God!

Shawne Merriman, focus on a good , mature business woman

Over at TMZ, Tila was asked if she would forgive Merriman and her response was that she didn't know. Now, this is the statement her representative gave TMZ.com:

Tila Tequila is the victim of a violent crime. The San Diego District attorney's decision not to press charges against Shawne Merriman for the battering of Tila Tequila demonstrates an unconscionable negligence in the discharging of their public duties. We strongly feel that justice has not been served in this matter.

Obviously, The San Diego Charger's NFL franchise brings millions of dollars in revenue to the city of San Diego, and it seems clear that other interests are being served by the DA's office than the upholding of the law. A young woman was violently beaten and choked, and the physical evidence is both overwhelming and disturbing. Tila's account of the events has remained consistent from the beginning, while Merriman's story has changed repeatedly.

Just because the DA has made this reckless decision doesn't mean that justice will not be served in this case. No one is above the law. Tila Tequila will immediately begin pursuing civil charges against Mr. Merriman and she will have her day in court."

Reads like a civil suit's coming to me.

Merriman should take a lesson from this and focus on more mature women friends who are solidly in his corner and have their own mainstream businesses.

As for Tila, I'm not sure she's going to learn anything from this, except how to call a new set of people "haters." It's good that what, in a non-Internet past, would have taken months to sort out, took less than a week today.

The lesson is that one can't abuse the legal system as an instrument to support their own insecurities. I hope observers get that message today.

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