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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Kirk Wright Suicide: Former NFL Financial Advisor Commits Suicide In Jail

In a very sad end to a story about a person that had so much initial promise, Kirk Wright, the man convicted of up to 710 years in jail for mail and securities fraud and who had formed frauduent reports to clients to cause them to think they were making money from his investment portfolio, when he was losing money, killed himself in jail in Union City, North Carolina. Some of his clients were NFL players.

The result was that he fled from capture and when found was sentenced to prison for a term longer -- much longer than his life. He was -- to my knoweldge -- given no chance to clean up his act with the people he harmed or society in general.

And now, this young man is dead at 37.

It's sad. Sad to know that a professional Black young man with vast connections could wind up in the position he found himself in. And he probably saw himself as having failed after trying to reach above where society seems to say where he should be, only to find himself in a mostly-Black prison system, and with no way out.

So Kirk created one. God bless his soul.

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