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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

"Tom Cruise Coming?" Anatomy Of A Super Bowl Party - Baeur's Hosts "Pure Rush" The Miami Party 2007

BAUER'S PURE RUSH UPDATE - TICKET DISCOUNT. Celebrities from the NFL and Hollywood like The Black Eyed Peas, Troy Aikman and Serena Williams are officially comfirmed for this dual-site party to be held at The Havana Club in Miami at 200 South Biscayne Boulevard, 55th Floor, Miami City Club, Miami, Florida and from 8 PM to 10 PM. This is a TWO SITE PARTY!

The second site for the party is at BRICKS, located at 66 SW 6th Street, Miami. The Premier VIP ticket is $600, but you can buy it for $550 here by clicking on
"BAUER'S PURE RUSH SUPER BOWL PARTY" and using the promotional code "sportsbiz".

Last year, my friend Gary Bauer, who owns Bauer’s Limousine based in San Francisco, was a spectator at Super Bowl XL. I should know; he was sitting with me. This year, he worked to "up his game" and become one of the producers of a Super Bowl Party. He's teaming up with the "Pure Rush" party planners to bring about "Baeur's Hosts 'Pure Rush' The Miami Party 2007."

A party of this size calls for one thing: major sponsors. To land them, you have to hype the event and imply that stars like Tom Cruise will be there in full effect. As such, the organizers of the event have put together a cool PDF file that "sells" the event, and even mentions...Tom Cruise. My good friend Beth, who met Gary through me when we all worked on the bid to bring the Super Bowl to Oakland, got an email about sponsorship for the party and forwarded it to me. The PDF starts with this page:

Touted by sports anchor, Andrew Siciliano, Fox
Sports/Radio, "Pure Rush hosted the BEST party at super
Bowl! The hottest girls and best party scene!"

PURE RUSH, known to Athletes, Celebrities, and Media, as some of the greatest producers
of high-profile events, will again host one of its LEGENDARY evenings, in conjunction with
Bauer’s Limousine, Thursday, February 1st, 2007!

The opening event of Super Bowl
weekend, BAUER’s and PURE RUSH will treat the city, athletes, entertainers, corporate
clients, and the media, to a truly unique party experience! Like every PURE RUSH event, a
great mix of superstar athletes and celebrities will be on hand to get the party and Super
Bowl weekend started in style!

"PURE RUSH was by far the best party at Super Bowl," Tony
Bruno, Sporting News Radio.

It's basically a look at the anatomy of a Super Bowl party. (Ok, excuse the pun, but the pict of the party girls came with the sponsorship document I got. I guess they'll be there.) Here's the email below, but note that I've left out full names to protect the participants.


Sorry for catching you off guard like that...thanks so much for your help with this!!!

We are thrilled to have BNC PR as our PR firm handling all of our media strategies. With the strength of both our events, Bauer's and Maxim, we know the media coverage will be incredible.

We also have Global Sports securing the celebrities and athletes and ensuring that the VIP experience is first rate.

Listed below are attending guests recap from the Agency after the party in Jacksonville.

Let me know if there is anything else I can get you to help with this... Happy Holidays and we can visit when you get back.


Michelle T

Attending Athletes, Celebrities, Guests and Media

The following list includes a sampling of legendary athletes, celebrities, media and guests who attended the event in Jacksonville, Florida.

Anderson, Alfred NFL (Steelers)
Anderson Cadillac #1 Draft Pick
Anderson, Ottis NFL (Cardinals, Giants) HOST
Augustyniak, Mike NFL (Jets)
AyodeleAkin, NFL (Jaguars)
Bascak, Cris MLB (Mets)
Bettis, Jerome NFL (Steelers)
Brodeur, Martin NHL (Devils)
Brown, Larry NFL (Cowboys)
Brown, Ray NFL (Redskins)
Brown, Troy NFL (Super Bowl Patriots)
Clayton, Mark NFL Draft WR Oklahoma
Crockett, Ray NFL (Broncos)
Culpepper, Daunte NFL (Vikings)
Dennis, Al NFL AD (Seahawks)
Dorsett, Tony NFL(Cowboy's, Bronco's)
Duper, Mark NFL (Dolphins)
Edwards, Braylon NFL projected #4 pick in Draft
Esiason, Boomer NFL (Bengals)
Eller Car lNFL (Vikings)
Elway, John NFL (Broncos)
Faulkner, Len NFL (Seahawks)
Foreman, Chuck NFL (Vikings) (HOST)
Gatling, Chris NBA (Miami Heat)
George, Eddie NFL (Oilers, Titans)
Givens, Drew NFL (Broncos)
Gonzalez, Tony NFL (Chiefs)
Gordon, Jeff NASCAR
Green, David NFL Draft QB Georgia
Hartwell, Ed NFL (Ravens)
Irons, Grant NFL (Raiders)
Jefferson, Roy NFL (Steelers, Redskins)
John-Baptiste, Peter NFL (Giants)
Johnson, Billy "White Shoes" NFL (Oilers)
Jones, Joe "Turkey" NFL (Steelers)
Jones, Julius NFL (Cowboys)
Kelsey, Chris NFL (Bills)
Kennedy, Lincoln NFL (Seahawks)
Lankford, Paul NFL (Dolphins)
Law, Ty NFL (Super Bowl Patriots)
Lee, Larry NFL (Lion's)
Marshall, Grant NHL (Devils)
Martin, Curtis NFL (Jets)
Martin, Kelvin NFL (Cowboys)
May, Ted MLB (Yankee's)
McGruger, “Scooter” Mike NFL (Patriots)
Mecklenburg, Karl NFL (Broncos)
Merriweather, Mike NFL (Vikings)
Moore, Nat NFL (Dolphins)
Mooreman, Brian NFL (Bills)
Morris, Mercury NFL(Dolphins)
Oates, Bart NFL (Giants)
Orton, Kyle NFL Draft QB Purdue
Payton, Eddie NFL (Lion's)
Pisarick, Joe NFL (Eagles)
Pressley, Josh MLB (Royals)
Rein, John NFL (Lion's)
Rogers, Aaron NFL, #1 Draft Pick
Sanders, Dion NFL (Ravens)
Sharpe, Shannon NFL (Broncos)
Sherrard, Mike NFL (49er's)
Smith, Lance NFL (Giants)
Smith, Rod NFL (Broncos)
Smith, Terrelle NFL (Browns)
Stevens, Scott NHL (Devils)
Stewart, Shannon MLB (Twins)
Stinson, Lemuel NFL (Bear's)
Strahan, Michael NFL (Giants)
Swann, Lynn NFL (Steelers)
Taylor, Charlie NFL (Redskins)
Taylor, Lawrence NFL (Giants)
Thomas, Thurman NFL (Bill's, Dolphins)
Vanderjerk, Mike NFL (Colts)
Watters, Ricky NFL (49's, Eagles, Seahawks)
Webb, Spud NBA (Hawks)
White, Jason NFL (Steelers)
Williams, Byron NFL (Giants)
Williams, Doug NFL (Bucs)
Williams, Roland NFL (Raiders)
Woodson, Darrion NFL (Cowboys)
Woodson, Rob NFL (Steelers)
Wright, Eric NFL (49's)

Berlin, David Fox Sports Net
Acampora, Anthony Sporting News Radio
Allegre, Raul NFL, ESPN
Berman, Chris ESPN
Betesh, Sam Sportscaster, Fox Sports
Calufetti, Larry Sporting News Radio
Cox, Brian NFL/Fox
Dickerson, Greg Fox Sports
Galanty, Katherine Westwood One Radio
Hagen, David Sirus Radio
Holzman, Tami Spike TV/Universal
Kaze, Benji Fox Sports Net
Kucko John Sportscaster
Mammeli, David Fox Sports Net
Martin, Alvaro ESPN
McDowell, Rachel Fox Sports Net
Meyers, Chris Fox Sports
Pavlotis, Nick Sirus Radio
Pilger, Andrew Fox Sports Net
Pressley, Buddy Sporting News Radio
Pressley, Ed Sporting News Radio
Pressley, Howard Sporting News Radio
Rosario, Andrew NY Beacon
Schein, Adam Sirus Radio
Siciliano, Andrew Sportscaster, Fox Sports
Thomas, Cat WAPE-FM
Walker, Doc Pro Preview
White, Joe Jacksonville Magazine
Zimmerman, John Sporting News Radio

Entertainment Tonight
ABC Affiliate
CBS Affiliate
Detroit Free Press
Florida Times Union
Fox 25 News
Inside Edition
Miami Herald
NBC Affiliate
NFL Network
People Magazine
WBZ-5 Boston

Banner, Joe President, (Eagles)
Baxter, David President, Reebok
Borojevic, Sarita National Football League
Dupree, Mark National Football League
Gabriel, Roman National Football League
Glanzman, Amy National Football League ALUMNI
Goodson, Michael Sports Agent
Jones, Dan Sports Agent, Intersport
Judge, Clayton National Football League
Kurek, Ken Jacksonville 39
Michaelson, Mike Owner (Eagles)
Miller, David Detroit Mayor's Office
Newsome, Mike Preident, Nike
Payton, Connie Wife, Walter Payton
Robinson, Stacy National Football League -PA
Rosenthal, Adam Sports Agent, CSMG
Stahlberger, Ira Sports Agent, Intersport

Affleck, Ben Actor
Coors, Twins Models
Fantone, Joey N'Sync
Hammer, MC Singer
Hawiian Tropic Girls, Models
Lachey, Nick 98°
Lopez, Jennifer Actress
Moore, Melba Singer/Actress
Morris, Nathan Boyz II Men
Popper, John Blues Travelers
Rucker, Darius Hootie & The Blow Fish
Black Eyed Peas
Wilson, Owen Actor
Ying Yang Twins, Group


All I can say is "wow." The sponsorship offers are extensive for the price, which is between $14,000 and $100,000. I'm not the sales person for the event, so I'm not going to go into all of that. But it's cool to be able to look "behind the scenes" of the event before it happens. I'm set to go, so I'll let you know how it turns out.

Jerry Reese, GM - NY Giants Gutsy Front Office Move The Right One!

Another great Giants Piece by Arthur Staple-My comments at the end.

Reese facing challenges with Giants
After being named GM today, he'll have to fill quite a few holes

Newsday Staff Writer

January 16, 2007

Jerry Reese will be officially named Giants general manager this morning at a news conference. Had the Giants not stumbled to an 8-8 record with a 2-6 second half of the season and then lost to the Eagles in the playoffs nine days ago, Reese's appointment would have been made sooner.

But Giants president John Mara and treasurer Jonathan Tisch took their time evaluating the front office and coaching staff before deciding to stay the course. So they brought Tom Coughlin back for at least one more season as coach and will name Reese, 43, as Ernie Accorsi's successor, as the retiring Accorsi wanted it.

Reese started as a scout for the Giants in 1994 and worked his way up, from assistant director of pro personnel to director of player personnel, a job in which he oversaw the Giants' last four drafts. He is the third African-American general manager in the NFL, joining Baltimore's Ozzie Newsome and Houston's Rick Smith.

The priorities for Reese this offseason start with finding a running back to fill the void left by Tiki Barber's retirement. That will likely be accomplished through free agency -- the Packers' Ahman Green is a free agent and the Chargers' Michael Turner is a restricted free agent -- rather than with early draft picks in April. The Giants may seek a veteran to complement Brandon Jacobs.

The Giants also must decide whether to sign center Shaun O'Hara. He and kicker Jay Feely are the only significant players who would be unrestricted free agents. O'Hara's agent, Tony Agnone, negotiated with the team briefly during the season, but O'Hara didn't want the talks to drag on; plus, with Accorsi retiring, there was no GM to sign off on a long-term deal.

On defense, Reese may look to the draft to grow some talent. One player told Newsday that Coughlin tore Corey Webster apart at halftime of the Redskins game on Dec. 30, and Webster, the Giants' top pick (second round) in 2005, has not developed as the team had hoped, so another high pick on a cornerback may be needed.

The same is true at linebacker, where Carlos Emmons may have played his last game as a Giant and Brandon Short is unrestricted. The Giants took Gerris Wilkinson in the third round last season, but he was inactive for the playoff loss after a spotty season spent primarily on special teams.

My slant: Why do i think it's a smart move? he's been with the team 12 years. He smart, still young at 43, and he knows personnel. So he is only the 3rd minority GM in Pro football. but this is the best thing for the team on so many levels.
Even with the turmoil at the end of the season, this is a no -brainer.

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