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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Terrell Owens Fined $8,500 For Missing Team Meeting - SO!?

Ok, according to the Dallas Morning News and ESPN, Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiverm Terrell Owens was fined $8,500 for missing a meeting, and a rehab session.


How many players get fined and we don't know about it? Why T.O.? I'll tell you why? Because the media consists of voyeurs, activists, entrepreneurs, and racists and sexists, and in the case of T.O., all of these people come into play. In this case, it's the racist guys who just want to see Terrell do something wrong, so they create news around little crap like this.

Get real.

(Oh, I'm an entrepreneur.)

Here's the news: T.O. will play on opening day, and the Dallas Cowboys are playing the media and the NFL.

Just watch.

Minnesota Vikings Give Up On Koren Robinson

Just a week plus away from his DUI and police chase, the Vikings gave up on Koren Robinson, cutting him from the team. I believe everyone gets a second and third and sometimes more and more chances. That's certainly true for Robinson.

Looking from a business view, the Seahawks got the better Vikings receiver in Nate Burleson, it seems.

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