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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Denver Broncos Tim Tebow blasted by hot chick at bar

Denver Broncos 1st Round NFL Draft Pick Quarterback Tim Tebow brings out the best and the worst opinions from football fans. During his college career at The University of Florida, Tebow had scores of "haters" and so many there's a website home for them called "Tebow Haters" at TebowHaters.com.

Tebowhaters.com so hates Time Tebow they've got a wealth of material which dates back to 2006 and have joined in with The Bleacher Report for a "bust watch" clock on for Tim now that the Oakland Raiders have released their 2007 1st Round Pick JaMarcus Russell. Bleacher Report states:

Remember that the Broncos traded three draft picks for Tebow; the most for one player in the NFL Draft since Ryan Leaf.

Meaning that, if Tebow turns into a bust, Tebow will be a shoo-in to surpass Leaf. The heat is now on Tebow.

Tim Tebow's so hated he was even blasted by this hot chick at Aventine bar in San Francisco on Cinco De Mayo, and Tebow wasn't even there.

Now, seriously, the woman in the video is not any ordinary person; Kelly works in the sports industry, was at the 2010 NFL Draft, and is a Denver Broncos fan. The rare, random meeting of two people who actually worked at the NFL Draft, Kelly and this blogger, started a frank conversation on a number of NFL-related topics, but the hottest one was about Tim Tebow.

I have no strong feeling against Tim Tebow, and hope he does very well. Thats not true for Kelly, who can't stand him and is a huge Peyton Manning fan. Kelly's blast was like a gattling gun and anyone would be stupid to step in the way of it. Asked point blank-direct why she hates Time Tebow she said:

"Well, I'm from Knoxville, Tennessee...So Vols automatically hate Florida Gators. Tim Tebow is like a robot. Like pull the stick out of your butt. He's just too much. I know that camaraderie, whatever, we need a great leader on the team. He's just too much. I don't think he'll have followers. Nobody can relate with him.

And then he moves to Colorado where Focus on The Family is based out of Colorado Springs. Now we're going to have a bunch of Bible-belting fans being the crazy Christian right. You go to a Broncos game, there's going to be people praying instead of drinking.

I'm not a Tebow fan. I am a Broncos Fan. That's why I'm so sad we have Tebow."

When I informed her that the Broncos also had Brady Quinn and Kyle Orton, her responses were classic: "Oh, that makes a lot of difference...We have three quarterbacks. None of them are great."

I think Kelly wanted the Broncos to trade their entire draft for Peyton Manning.  She didn't say that, but I'd bet she'd support the move.

Tim Tebow stirs the passions of everyone from Kelly to Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones, who got off the now famous blast against Tebow just days before the 2010 NFL Draft and, yes, at a bar, as seen in this video:

Jones said he could never get Tebow onto the field.

At the NFL Draft Kelly's fellow Vol, Eric Berry, the Kansas City Chief's 1st Round Pick, said to me that he delivered his hardest hit to Tim Tebow (at the :58 second mark):

Curious to see the famous collision, I looked up the video of Eric Berry versus Tim Tebow or Tennessee versus Florida. This is what I found:

From the video, I'd say Tim Tebow got the best of Eric Berry on that one. Tebow had lower leverage and knocked Berry back. While Berry's sacked Tebow before, this is the hit he was referring to. Berry said he didn't know what he was thinking when he did that, "He brings a load." A load he's going to see twice a year since the Denver Broncos play the Kansas City Chiefs.

For some reason, I think it's his devout Christian faith, people want to root against Tim Tebow. I think Kelly and Jerry Jones are going to be very surprised. Even with that, I'm sure Kelly will not be shy in expressin her opinion.

Stay tuned.

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