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Monday, March 17, 2008

Falcons DeAngelo Hall May Become Oakland Raider

Personally, I think this move's a sign of the fall of the Atlanta Falcons. DeAngelo Hall may have been hot-headed at points, but his talent was unmistakable. I also think DHall was frustrated with the totally inept way the team was being ran under Bobby Petrino.

Now it seems the Falcons are willing to part with a second round pick for Hall. What Atlanta will do without Hall remains to be seen, but I think they may have been swayed by some of Hall's poor performances in 2008. Yes, he's a great cornerback, but it seemed that his head wasn't in the game and he may have been trying to do everything he could to get Petrino out of there without, you know, getting him out of there.

Still a bad and organizationally immature move.

SF 49ers Release Darrell Jackson After Not Employing Him Properly

The San Francisco 49ers went out and got Darrell Jackson as a free agent from the Seattle Seahawks and with much promise. Jackson is a great possession receiver with great run-after-the-catch speed. He's not going to get past you much but he can do damage and the Seahawks knew this.

The 49ers did not.

The 49ers tried to send Jackson deep and running deep patterns and fly patterns is not what Jackson does well.

Now he's gone.

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