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Wednesday, December 31, 2008




Former New York Jets Head Coach

I appreciate the opportunity that Woody and Mike gave me for the past three years as the head coach of the New York Jets. The organization has terrific people and I wish the Jets nothing but success. The time and effort invested by the coaches and players was tremendous and I value that beyond words. We worked hard to achieve two winning seasons out of the past three. I regret that we could not reach our goals for this year. I will always appreciate the passion and support of the fans as our focus was trying to build them a championship-caliber foundation and team.

What do you think he's trying to say here??

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


by TJ Rosenthal-Football Reporters Online

Woody Johnson and GM Mike Tannenbaum have both expressed their desire for a coach that would better fit the direction of the franchise from this day forward. Most Jet fans agree with this assessment. So, after 48 years of dreary football, Jan 12 1969 aside, I've compiled a list of people that truly fit the franchise as it exists today: A team with a 39 year old interception happy quarterback in limbo, a top 5 draft pick who had one more tackle than the kicker this season, and a team that at 8-3, couldn't beat a 2 win team down the stretch in order to control their own destiny.

1-Fireman Ed: Ed has seen more bad football and poor coaching decisions first hand than any human being alive or dead in the history of mankind. His experience alone will provide him with the knowledge of what NOT to do. That's a plus. A major plus. Not to mention, he can jump on players' shoulders during TV timouts to start the Jet chant through the stadium to get the crowd going. His charming lovable clown like demeanor is far and away the best fit going forward.

2-Joe Namath. Why has Broadway Joe, the only Jet that any Jet fan can speak proudly about , never been approached about this position? HE'S THE ONLY JET WHO HAS EVER WON! HE EVEN GUARANTEED IT! Ok ok, he had that sideline incident with Suzi what's her name a few years back. Tried to make out with her during an interview as the Jets were getting blasted by the Pats. You see though, THATS what the Jets need. A little flair. Even in a loss, Joe is gonna make it interesting, get a few phone numbers , wear a mink coat. No better yet , Woody can peel off the Namath jersey that the owner himself licks like a stamp every Sunday on the field level wall and let Joe wear it. This way if Vinny Testaverde, who I'm assuming the Jets will re sign in the offseason to get younger at the position, throws an interception, Broadway Joe can put himself in and try and rally the team late. If Ed turns down the job Woody, offer it to Namath.

3-George Bush. He'll be out of work in a few weeks and could bring a no nonsense attitude to the sidelines. Dick Cheney could run the offense, The Jets would throw bombs on every play. Donald Rumsfeld could run the defense. The Jets would blitz on every down. Even during tv timeouts. They wouldn't even wait for opposing teams to bring their offense onto the field at times and would pre emptively blitz the sidelines. They'd have blitzing players hit trainers, sideline reporters, flip over the benches and heaters. Now this would be a return to the old Oakland Raiders style of football in the early Seventies, but it worked for the Silver and Black. Not a bad move if the Jets brass feel that the collapse was due to the fact that the team got "soft" down the stretch.

4-Greg Gumbel. Just to get the boring sleepy guy out of the booth and no longer doing Jet games, let's put Gumbel where he belongs, with the sleepy Jets on the sidelines. They can take midday kindergarten naps together. No, they can take Sunday 3 hour naps together. Gumbel will wait until kickoff then order the team to find their cubby partner, a place on the turf, and rest. After getting a hold of old games on DVD and listening to Dick Enberg, Keith Jackson and Howard Cosell provide play by play, I can't believe this marriage has gone on as long as it has. Actually , I can. So hiring Gumbel as head coach, may the only way to cut ties. This option may be a more honest match energy wise, to what we saw towards the end in 2008 on the field anyway.

5-Frank TV: The guy is a comedian. Imitates everyone. He's hilarious. While the Jets are blowing another game, or another season, Woody can force the stadium scoreboard camera operator to cut to our new head coach doing some of those imitations he does during EVERY commercial break. Franks hiring will certainly keep the drunk, moronic fan base which includes me, distracted enough in order to lessen the Bon Jovi concert -like decibel level of those "Lets go Dolphins chants," that echoed through the Meadowlands on Sunday.

These are the 5 truly best suited, truly the best FIT for the state of the Jets. a franchise that can't escape the vicious cycle of disarray and disappointment.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Football Reporters Online Teams up with Southwest NY Restaurant For Super Bowl Party and Live Broadcast from NYC’s World Financial Center

For Immediate Release
Annrose Fumai-Chachkes
Director of Marketing Operations
Football Reporters Online
Football Reporters Online Teams up with Southwest NY Restaurant For Super Bowl Party and Live Broadcast from NYC’s World Financial Center
Listen at www.Blogtalkradio.com/Football-Reporters
Hicksville, NY-December 12th 2008: Today Football Reporters Online (FRO) Announces their Live Super Bowl XLIII (43) Broadcast. The Staff of FRO will be Live on the Air from SouthWest NY, Located at 225 Liberty Street in the “#2” World Financial Center building from 3pm to 6pm on Sunday February 1st. This is a first for FRO and our Radio Host Website Blogtalk radio, as no single broadcaster has ever attempted a 3 hour show in any format, much less an on-location show. “We continue to be a sports media company of firsts,” says FRO’s Managing Partner, Dr. Bill Chachkes. “In 2007 we worked with Sports Business Simulations to bring fans of the NFL Draft the “First Ever” streaming Audio and Video of the Draft (13 Hours across two days) SBS’s CEO and FRO’s blogging partner Zennie Abraham will be a contributor to the show via remote live from Tampa, which is the site of this years’ contest.
Also visiting with us live from Tampa will be FRO’s Scouting Director and Contributor to the Black Athlete Sports Network Michael Ingram, and Giants Insider.com’s Ken Palmer (whether the NY Giants are playing or not).
Joining Dr. Chachkes from the “Front Window” of the restaurant as Co-Hosts will be: noted author Wil Mara, who is currently writing a series of Books for St. Martins Press set in the back offices and Locker rooms of the NFL, and John ”JK” Kelly, Jon “Wags” Wagner, and Ralph Garcia, who are all senior contributing writers. Mr. Kelly Covers the NY Dragons of The AFL and The Giants for WFUV Fordham University Radio, Mr. Wagner is also a contributor to CAA Zone.com, and Mr. Garcia covers The ACC, SEC, and The NFL’s AFC and NFC south divisions for FRO, as well as High School football In Nashville Tn. for various local outlets. Producing the show as she does for each “Live on Location” effort will be the talented Slavica Milosevska, who also doubles as FRO’s Senior investigative writer/reporter.
“Those who take the opportunity to join us in person won’t just enjoy the best Southwestern cuisine on the east coast, they will be treated to the “best football radio show they ever heard” said Dr. Chachkes. There will be plenty of giveaways just for showing up, including 3 copies of the “Gridiron Guide to the NFL Draft.” our new Annual Draft Publication. There will also be a Trivia contest (NFL Style) and a live “Ask the Experts” segment for those joining us in person. For the latest updates between now and Super Sunday, check the front page of our website:

It’s all about the mindset for these Titans

     It’s all about the mindset for these Titans
By Ralph Garcia-Sr. Writer Southeast Region-Football Reporters Online 12/24/08

As the 2008 season began one would look at the Titans schedule and pencil them in for seven to nine wins. After three quarters of the season this team never heard a word of that. They have managed a 12-1 mark and their attitude is the main reason. No matter how well or bad they play it’s the next opponent that’s on their mind. Not one player in the locker room feels they have done a thing yet. They have taken the approach that no matter the hype from the media they will stay focused on next week’s opponent. The goal was to make the playoffs. With that done their next goal is to win the AFC and the right to play in the Super Bowl. As safety Michael Griffin put it "It's set in stone now. We are the 2008 AFC South champs. But as a team, we can't settle for that. We can still get knocked out of the playoffs and this wouldn't really mean anything. The only thing it has guaranteed is that they will play one more game after the season. Beyond that is up to them. The feeling of having accomplished nothing so far has fed the hunger to win each and every Sunday. They come out hungry on each down wanting to punish their opponent every time they have the ball. Now they cannot play as they did against the Browns. The passing game will have to be more consistent. Wide receivers will have to step it up. The penalties will have to be kept to a minimum. As for the running game and the defense all they have to do is keep up the intensity. Three more regular season games left and then the second season begins. With the attitude this team is keeping a long run into the playoffs looks good. Maybe, just maybe, they can be playing on that last Sunday for all the marbles.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Mike Holmgren's Walk Around Quest Field After Final Game

It's official. The Seattle Seahawk's game against The New York Jets, a successful 13 to 3 victory, marked the final game of Coach Mike Holmgren and (perhaps) the end of one of the greatest coaches in of the late 20th Century and early 21st Century.

A Bill-Walsh protege, Holmgren developed Brett Farve and together the two brought Green Bay what is still their only Super Bowl win in the post-Lombardi era. Then he took over the Seahawks and molded them into a perenially competitive team, coming within two referee calls of a Super Bowl Championship.

Holmgren finishes with an overall 161 wins to 110 losses record. Will he return home to coach the San Francisco 49ers? Doubtful. Besides, they have Mike Singletary.

Miami Dolphins at Kansas City Chiefs - 2008 Week 16

NFL Miami Dolphins at Kansas City Chiefs - 2008 Week 16 Highlights. Dolphins win over the Chiefs; as of this writing they're off to the playoffs with a 10-5 record, a dramatic turn-around from their 1-15 season of 2007.

NFL San Diego Chargers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 2008 Week 16

San Diego Chargers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 2008 Week 16 Highlights. Chargers blow out Bucs 41 to 24, placing the bolts in position to win the AFC West with a victory over the Denver Broncos next week.

Pittsburg Steelers Vs Tennesee Titans - Titans Win 31 - 14

The Tennesee Titans wrapped up home field advantage for the playoffs with this win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. But something tells me they're not going to go all the way. It's not a statistically-based observation, just a feeling.

NFL Carolina Panthers at New York Giants - 2008 Week 16.

Carolina Panthers at New York Giants - 2008 Week 16 Highlights

Broncos - Bills Recap -- Sunday, December 21, 2008

NFL Network highlights from the Broncos 30-23 loss to the Buffalo Bills.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

AFL Suspends 2009 Season

AFL Suspends 2009 Season
By Dr Bill Chachkes-Managing Partner-Football Reporters Online

Sad but True: the AFL will not play in 2009. It seems that the economic downturn has hit even sports (except for baseball which is still paying grossly inflated salaries to marginal players-Maybe they will suspend operations for a year when people stop showing up to watch a poor product!). I have received several e-mails from AFL fans asking "What's the deal here? One went so far as to insinuate that someone must have embezzled some cash somewhere for this to happen. I can assure you to the best of my knowledge, no one has stolen any cash from The AFL. They simply need to "restructure" for the benefit of the players and the game to continue.

The question now is "Does the AFL return in 2010?" My Guess is Yes, but many of the players that made up the 2008 AFL will be gone. Most veteran players will find work playing in Canada, a few might get into the NFL next fall, some may head to AF2, which as of this moment is still in operation, still some more will turn to coaching at the High School and college level, or return to college as students.

F.R.O. Will do everything it can to bring you whatever we learn over the next few weeks...

Indianapolis Colts' Marvin Harrison has MRI, will sit Thursday game - ESPN

Marvin Harrison out for game: “NDIANAPOLIS -- Colts receiver Marvin Harrison did not travel to Jacksonville on Wednesday and will miss Thursday night's game against the Jaguars.”

ESPN - Minnesota Vikings go for division title with Tarvaris Jackson at QB

Tarvaris Jackson at QB: “EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. -- Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson will make his second consecutive start Sunday against Atlanta in a move that might portend a permanent return to that role.”

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dan Wetzel's Great Column On Tony Dungy and The Colts

Latest playoff push a rough ride for Dungy, Colts - NFL - Yahoo! Sports: “Through all the high-scoring victories, bids for a perfect season, wild comebacks, crazed finishes, playoff disappointments and, eventually, a Super Bowl triumph, the enduring image of Tony Dungy is one of calm.”

-- The column captures Tony's persona, but should -- does not -- mention his belief in Christ.

Mike Silver Says Zorn throws himself under the bus - NFL - Yahoo! Sports

Zorn throws himself under the bus - NFL - Yahoo! SportsMike Sliver: “Jim Zorn, I’m rooting for you. I really am. I resolved back in February to give you a chance as an out-of-the-box hire, and I hope you survive to coach a second year with the Redskins.

But could you kindly stop bleeding all over the place?”

Knowing Sil, I can actually hear him saying that!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oakland Raiders Stink - New England Up 42 to 20 In Rain-Soaked Game

I've been an Oakland Raiders fan since I was little, and went to a lot of games.  I've seen bad years, but this one's too much to take.  For the second straight year, the Oakland Raiders are guaranteed of a high -- second pick in 2009 -- NFL Draft pick.   It's not that the Raiders need the players; the Raiders need a coach and a system.

Right now, they're losing 42 to 20 to the New England Patriots at the Raiders home, a windy, cold Oakland Coliseum.   The main problem is the defense; good in places, the Pats no-huddle strategy got them off guard.  What's the best answer?  Blitz and from different angles.  Make them think about what they're doing.  But the Raiders didn't do that.

Still, this 3 and 10 team could come back.  It's 3:30 in the third quarter, and the Raiders just need to score three more touchdowns and a field goal to win.  

Oh, and hold the Pats to zero additional points.

Let's see what happens.  

Friday, December 12, 2008


DALLAS COWBOYS TERRELL OWENS, JASON WITTEN, TONY ROMO PREPARE TO PLAY NREW YORK GIANTS - New York Post: “It looks like the Giantsare catching the Cowboys at just the right time, with America's Team about to implode.

One day after Terrell Owens spoiled the holiday mood by saying quarterback Tony Romo was playing favorites with tight end Jason Witten, another starting player told ESPN's Ed Werder, "We are not together as a team, and that includes the coaches."

Owens claims Romo and Witten, who are friends and road roommates, conspire to draw up passing plays that exclude the wide receiver. The perception was denied throughout the organization, but it was revealed other wide receivers had spoken to offensive coordinator Jason Garrett about their roles in the offense.”

Who's Buying What in Super Bowl XLIII - Advertising Age - News

Who's Buying What in Super Bowl XLIII - Advertising Age - NewsAn excerpt: “A Rundown of Marketers and Their Spots in the Big Game

Published: December 08, 2008
Buy: The maker of Budweiser and Bud Light is expected to run five minutes' worth of advertising, according to Bob Lachky, chief creative officer of the A-B InBev unit.
Creative: A-B is testing as many as three different ads using its famous Clydesdale horses and is considering one spot apiece for its Bud Light Lime and Budweiser American Ale products. Bud Light is also expected to get plenty of face time, with at least three spots possible. A-B is famous for testing its Super Bowl ads among consumers again and again, so the final lineup is still in question.
Agency: Omnicom Group's DDB, Chicago; Havas' Euro RSCG, Chicago; and St. Louis independent Waylon are among the agencies with ads that could appear.
Buy: The automaker will air one :60 during the game's first quarter. Audi's 2008 Super Bowl spot featured its R8 sports car in a spoof of "The Godfather," and earned Audi the No. 2 spot in total buzz after the game, the company said. It also successfully drove traffic to Audi's web site.
Creative: Audi declined to comment on which vehicle would be featured or what the content of the spot will be.
Agency: Venables Bell & Partners, San Francisco.
Buy: The tire maker will once again sponsor the Super Bowl halftime show, which this year features Bruce Springsteen. The company will also run two 30-second commercials, according to Phil Pasci, VP-consumer marketing for Bridgestone Firestone North American Tire. Placement of the ads during the game is being negotiated with NBC and the NFL.
Creative: The ads will contain humor while focusing on showcasing the performance of the company's tires.
Agency: Independent Richards Group of Dallas
Buy: The jobs site intends to run two 30-second ads, one in the second quarter and one in the third, according to Cynthia Walker, the company's senior director of advertising.
Creative: Ms. Walker said the ads will not use the famous monkeys from Super Bowl ads past.
Agency: Independent Wieden & Kennedy
Buy: The website will air one 60-second ad in the second quarter.
Creative: A person familiar with the situation said the ads are expected to be humorous.
Agency: DDB, Chicago
Coca-Cola Co.
Buy: The beverage company intends to advertise its flagship cola in multiple spots.
Creative: In the last Super Bowl, Coke received critical acclaim for a majestic ad featuring balloons from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade slugging it out for a bottle of the fizzy brown liquid.
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy
E-Trade Financial
Buy: A company spokeswoman said E-Trade has purchased one spot; in recent years, E-Trade has run two 30-second commercials.
Creative: A person familiar with the situation suggested E-Trade is likely to bring back the talking baby it used in the last contest. E-Trade declined to comment on the content of its Super Bowl advertising.
Agency: WPP Group PLC's Grey New York
PepsiCo's Frito-Lay
Buy: The company's cheesy-chip brand will solicit self-made ads for Doritos from consumers and air one as a 30-second spot.
Creative: Doritos will give the winning entry $1 million if the ad becomes "the first-ever consumer-created commercial to claim the No. 1 ranking in USA Today's annual Ad Meter."
Agency: n/a
General Electric
Buy: The owner of NBC, broadcaster of the 2009 Super Bowl, intends to run one spot in the game.
Creative: A company spokeswoman declined to speak about the length of the commercial.
Agency: Omnicom Group's BBDO
Buy: The registrar of online domain names has purchased one 30-second ad in the Super Bowl and is mulling the purchase of another, said Bob Parsons, the company's CEO and founder.
Creative: GoDaddy is producing two ads, both of which will feature race-car driver Danica Patrick and embody the slightly inappropriate tone of the company's past Super Bowl ads.
Agency: In-house
Buy: Two commercials
Creative: The ads are for the launch of its 2010-model Genesis coupe.
Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco
Buy: One 30-second ad
Creative: Monster is kicking off a campaign highlighting the fact that it has become the official careerservices sponsor of the NFL. As part of that pact, the company said, it will run an additional 30-second "in-game enhancement" to launch an NFL-themed promotion intended to drive traffic to the site.
Agency: BBDO”

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

NFL Reports Plan Of Layoffs At All NFL Business Units

This massive economic collapse has taken many companies and people into lower positions of wealth and caused many to lose their jobs at historic rates.  Well, after years of incredible growth, it was thought that the sports industry was immune to these developments surrounding the credit crunch.  

Not so. 

I received this email from the NFL's director of communications Greg Aiello:

  As part of an overall cost-cutting plan in response to the slumping economy, the NFL today confirmed plans to reduce its staff by approximately 150 employees during the next 60 days.
       There are 1,100 employees in three NFL locations around the country: league headquarters in New York; NFL Films production facilities in Mt Laurel, New Jersey; and NFL Network and NFL.com production facilities in Los Angeles.
       A voluntary separation program will be offered to personnel this week as a first step in the staff reduction.
       "These are difficult and painful steps," Commissioner Roger Goodell said Tuesday in a memo to his staff, "but they are necessary in the current economic environment. I would like to be able to report that we are immune to the troubles around us, but we are not. Properly managed, I am confident the NFL will emerge stronger, more efficient and poised to pursue long-term growth opportunities."

Monday, December 08, 2008

Super Bowl and The Economy - In a recession, even the Super Bowl takes a hit

FOX Sports on MSN - NFL - In a recession, even the Super Bowl takes a hit

NFL Game Center: Game Recap - Washington Redskins at Baltimore Ravens - 2008 14

NFL Game Center: Game Recap - Washington Redskins at Baltimore Ravens - 2008 14: “BALTIMORE -- If the Washington Redskins are fortunate, it might be another four years before they have to face the Baltimore Ravens again.

Reed set up a touchdown with an interception and scored on a 22-yard fumble return, part of a stifling effort by the Baltimore defense in a 24-10 victory Sunday night.”

NFL Game Center: Game Recap - Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts - 2008 14

NFL Game Center: Game Recap - Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts - 2008 14: “INDIANAPOLIS -- Colts cornerback Kelvin Hayden had a perfect read on the Cincinnati Bengals.

Peyton Manning apparently was doing his homework, too.

Manning threw for three scores Sunday and Hayden returned an interception for a touchdown, leading the Colts to their most lopsided win of the season, 35-3.”

NFL Game Center: Post Game - St. Louis Rams at Arizona Cardinals - 2008 Week 14

NFL Game Center: Post Game - St. Louis Rams at Arizona Cardinals - 2008 Week 14 Cardinals clinch the NFC West division with win over the rival Rams.

NFL Game Center: Post Game - Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints - 2008 Week 14

NFL Game Center: Post Game - Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints - 2008 Week 14 Falcons were leading, but lost to N.O.

Pittsburgh's Defense #1 vs Pass and Rush; Super Bowl?

Cowboys have no answer for Steelers' stifling defense

NFL Game Center: Game Recap - Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants - 2008 14

NFL Game Center: Game Recap - Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants - 2008 14 Eagles win game, 20 to 14, but Giants get division title anyway.

NFL Game Center: Game Recap - Cleveland Browns at Tennessee Titans - 2008 14

NFL Game Center: Game Recap - Cleveland Browns at Tennessee Titans - 2008 14 Titans win AFC South title.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Eagles Brian Westbrook questionable for Sunday - NFL.com

NFL.com Blogs » Blog Archive Westbrook questionable for Sunday «

Sports Illustrated: Ax Drops At Sports Illustrated; Layoff Rumors Include Hoffer, Wolff And Dr. Z?

Sports Illustrated: Ax Drops At Sports Illustrated; Layoff Rumors Include Hoffer, Wolff ... And Dr. Z?

Carolina's Julius Peppers and Vikings Jared Allen Fined $10,000. ProFootballTalk.com - PEPPERS, ALLEN FINED $10,000

ProFootballTalk.com - PEPPERS, ALLEN FINED $10,000: “Julius Peppers and Vikings defensive end Jared Allen have each been fined $10,000.”



ESPN - O.J. Simpson sentenced to prison for Las Vegas robbery

ESPN - O.J. Simpson sentenced to prison for Las Vegas robbery

ESPN - Judge blocks NFL's drug suspensions of 5 players

ESPN - Judge blocks NFL's drug suspensions of 5 players

Thursday, December 04, 2008





Chicago Bear's Matt Forte's chances for rookie of year - NFL Nation

ESPN - Forte's chances for rookie of year - NFL Nation

Indianapolis Colts middle linebacker Gary Brackett to miss at least two games

ESPN - Indianapolis Colts middle linebacker Brackett to miss at least two games

Rooney family near deal to keep Pittsburgh Steelers in family control

ESPN - Rooney family near deal to keep Pittsburgh Steelers in family control

Antonio Pierce unaware Plaxico Burress was carrying gun - ESPN

ESPN - Attorney: Antonio Pierce unaware Plaxico Burress was carrying gun

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