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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Titans 30, Raiders 6, 3rd Q - How Raiders Can Come Back

At first, the Tennessee Titans score of 30 to the Oakland Raiders 6 would seem to be almost insurmountable. Especially listening to the ex-San Diego Charger Dan Fouts. It's not.

First, offensively, the Raiders and Titans are almost similar looking at the stats at the half: 8 first downs to 11 for the Titans. But the Titans have had big plays, leading to 108 yards for Oakland to to 261 yards for Tennessee.

The Raiders problems offensively, aside from the center snap errors, are one of the types of plays called by Offensive Coordinator Hue Jackson. Jackson's calling pass plays that call for Quarterback Jason Campbell to throw to the strongside of the offense, the side with the most receivers. In the running game, they go right at the Titans, save for one end-around with Darren McFadden.

When the Raiders go three wide receivers on one side, they throw in that direction. When the Raiders call a running play, it's not a counter action play. And they finally got Zack Miller running a post route down the middle as I blog...but then go right back to the runs to one side without a fake step.

Why all this? Because the Titans are going after the ball like someone took their wallet. That kind of play calls for misdirection and weakside passing. That's a textbook approach. Why Hue Jackson's not doing that is beyond me.

Calling long developing trick plays don't work because the Titans Defense, as you saw, if you were watching the game, zeros in on that too fast.

Frustrating to watch.

If I had to rein in Hue, I'd say, you need to call the following: rollouts, bootlegs, three-steps, five-steps, play action. No seven-step passes, which have been called on several occasions. Draws? Yes. Screens? No, because they're playing man-for-man. Counter-action runs.  And no-huddle. And short passes to McFadden - again, and again.

That would keep Oakland's Defense off the field.

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