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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Falcons Press Conference On Bobby Petrino's Departure - NFL Network Today

I'm watching the Atlanta Falcons Press Conference right now on The NFL Network. It features two speakers, Falcons GM Rich McKay and Falcons Owner Arthur Blank, and the mood is at best somber.

What's stood out is that the Falcons were misled not just by Bobby Petrino but by Arkansas Athletic Director Jeff Long. It's also very obvious from the discussion that Petrino could not communicate well with the players, and -- I'll say this -- may have had a hard time adjusting to the modern pro Black athlete.

Whereas in college a coach has a lot of power and is dealing with kids, in the NFL a coach is called by his first name, and can't throw a man off the team for misbehavior. But what's most obvious is that many in the Falcons organization were lied to and thrown into a huge organizational tailspin.

The people most negative impacted are the assistant coaches, one of which who's already left. They are in the position of having to worry about their futures anew.

Nice job Bobby.

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