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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Giants try to pick up a free agent receiver and other pre draft notes

Giants try to pick up a free agent receiver and other pre draft notes

It seems that the reports hold some truth at least: The Giants want to swing a deal with the Browns to get Braylon Edwards, who is another talented but "difficult" to work with receiver. Edwards may have some problems working with new Browns and Ex Jets Head Coach Eric Mangini, which seems to be the main issue right now. The Browns want a #2 and a #5 pick in this draft, plus receiver Steve Smith. The Giants countered with the two picks plus receiver Dominik Hixon. What some people are missing is that Edwards isn't Burress. He's two+ inches shorter and 15 pounds lighter. Can he play the same "Jump Ball in the End Zone" game? Sure he can. But if Hixon also goes in the deal the Giants would still need to get another "taller" wide out in the Draft or Via Free Agency to help stretch the defensive backs.

I'll cast my vote for Brian Robiskie early, or Ramses Barden late. I prefer to see a team built through the draft rather then through free agency. To pick up one, two or three players that is is one thing, but there is no way you can get 20 players through free agency without going past the salary cap, at least this year. Now let's see if there still is a salary cap next year. Seattle Seahawks GM Tim Ruskell seems to agree with me that "there isn't really a franchise player in this draft." He told the Sporting News this weekend "(At #4), you think of who will make an impact on your team as quickly as possible-except for a QB. That guy your going to groom."
Right on Tim! Every team i've ever seen play that continually won in post season did so because a G.M or a scouting director took the time to build the team through the draft and not through trades and free agency.

Things are heating up for next weekend at the NFL Draft. We will bring you the latest news all week and from the draft both days.

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