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Friday, May 16, 2008

HBO's Hard Knocks to Feature the Dallas Cowboys

I Guess HBO is trying to keep the show fresh and innovative. That's nice, but could you pick a better team to showcase then the Cowgirls-i-mean-boys? How about some team who is on their way back up, Like the Redskins, or the Vikings, or even the Saints. Any team but the Cowboys and their attention seeking receiver Terrell Owens, who reminds us not to Pick on Tony Romo because he's is "His QB." Let me know when Tony gets a National Commercial spot. Even Brady Quinn of the Browns(and he's still a Back-up!) has an EAS-Myoplex commercial!! Is Wade Phillips even "Telegenic" enough to do a month of Training camp TV spots? Will we see another Terrell Owens "Meltdown"?

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