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Wednesday, December 31, 2008




Former New York Jets Head Coach

I appreciate the opportunity that Woody and Mike gave me for the past three years as the head coach of the New York Jets. The organization has terrific people and I wish the Jets nothing but success. The time and effort invested by the coaches and players was tremendous and I value that beyond words. We worked hard to achieve two winning seasons out of the past three. I regret that we could not reach our goals for this year. I will always appreciate the passion and support of the fans as our focus was trying to build them a championship-caliber foundation and team.

What do you think he's trying to say here??

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


by TJ Rosenthal-Football Reporters Online

Woody Johnson and GM Mike Tannenbaum have both expressed their desire for a coach that would better fit the direction of the franchise from this day forward. Most Jet fans agree with this assessment. So, after 48 years of dreary football, Jan 12 1969 aside, I've compiled a list of people that truly fit the franchise as it exists today: A team with a 39 year old interception happy quarterback in limbo, a top 5 draft pick who had one more tackle than the kicker this season, and a team that at 8-3, couldn't beat a 2 win team down the stretch in order to control their own destiny.

1-Fireman Ed: Ed has seen more bad football and poor coaching decisions first hand than any human being alive or dead in the history of mankind. His experience alone will provide him with the knowledge of what NOT to do. That's a plus. A major plus. Not to mention, he can jump on players' shoulders during TV timouts to start the Jet chant through the stadium to get the crowd going. His charming lovable clown like demeanor is far and away the best fit going forward.

2-Joe Namath. Why has Broadway Joe, the only Jet that any Jet fan can speak proudly about , never been approached about this position? HE'S THE ONLY JET WHO HAS EVER WON! HE EVEN GUARANTEED IT! Ok ok, he had that sideline incident with Suzi what's her name a few years back. Tried to make out with her during an interview as the Jets were getting blasted by the Pats. You see though, THATS what the Jets need. A little flair. Even in a loss, Joe is gonna make it interesting, get a few phone numbers , wear a mink coat. No better yet , Woody can peel off the Namath jersey that the owner himself licks like a stamp every Sunday on the field level wall and let Joe wear it. This way if Vinny Testaverde, who I'm assuming the Jets will re sign in the offseason to get younger at the position, throws an interception, Broadway Joe can put himself in and try and rally the team late. If Ed turns down the job Woody, offer it to Namath.

3-George Bush. He'll be out of work in a few weeks and could bring a no nonsense attitude to the sidelines. Dick Cheney could run the offense, The Jets would throw bombs on every play. Donald Rumsfeld could run the defense. The Jets would blitz on every down. Even during tv timeouts. They wouldn't even wait for opposing teams to bring their offense onto the field at times and would pre emptively blitz the sidelines. They'd have blitzing players hit trainers, sideline reporters, flip over the benches and heaters. Now this would be a return to the old Oakland Raiders style of football in the early Seventies, but it worked for the Silver and Black. Not a bad move if the Jets brass feel that the collapse was due to the fact that the team got "soft" down the stretch.

4-Greg Gumbel. Just to get the boring sleepy guy out of the booth and no longer doing Jet games, let's put Gumbel where he belongs, with the sleepy Jets on the sidelines. They can take midday kindergarten naps together. No, they can take Sunday 3 hour naps together. Gumbel will wait until kickoff then order the team to find their cubby partner, a place on the turf, and rest. After getting a hold of old games on DVD and listening to Dick Enberg, Keith Jackson and Howard Cosell provide play by play, I can't believe this marriage has gone on as long as it has. Actually , I can. So hiring Gumbel as head coach, may the only way to cut ties. This option may be a more honest match energy wise, to what we saw towards the end in 2008 on the field anyway.

5-Frank TV: The guy is a comedian. Imitates everyone. He's hilarious. While the Jets are blowing another game, or another season, Woody can force the stadium scoreboard camera operator to cut to our new head coach doing some of those imitations he does during EVERY commercial break. Franks hiring will certainly keep the drunk, moronic fan base which includes me, distracted enough in order to lessen the Bon Jovi concert -like decibel level of those "Lets go Dolphins chants," that echoed through the Meadowlands on Sunday.

These are the 5 truly best suited, truly the best FIT for the state of the Jets. a franchise that can't escape the vicious cycle of disarray and disappointment.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Football Reporters Online Teams up with Southwest NY Restaurant For Super Bowl Party and Live Broadcast from NYC’s World Financial Center

For Immediate Release
Annrose Fumai-Chachkes
Director of Marketing Operations
Football Reporters Online
Football Reporters Online Teams up with Southwest NY Restaurant For Super Bowl Party and Live Broadcast from NYC’s World Financial Center
Listen at www.Blogtalkradio.com/Football-Reporters
Hicksville, NY-December 12th 2008: Today Football Reporters Online (FRO) Announces their Live Super Bowl XLIII (43) Broadcast. The Staff of FRO will be Live on the Air from SouthWest NY, Located at 225 Liberty Street in the “#2” World Financial Center building from 3pm to 6pm on Sunday February 1st. This is a first for FRO and our Radio Host Website Blogtalk radio, as no single broadcaster has ever attempted a 3 hour show in any format, much less an on-location show. “We continue to be a sports media company of firsts,” says FRO’s Managing Partner, Dr. Bill Chachkes. “In 2007 we worked with Sports Business Simulations to bring fans of the NFL Draft the “First Ever” streaming Audio and Video of the Draft (13 Hours across two days) SBS’s CEO and FRO’s blogging partner Zennie Abraham will be a contributor to the show via remote live from Tampa, which is the site of this years’ contest.
Also visiting with us live from Tampa will be FRO’s Scouting Director and Contributor to the Black Athlete Sports Network Michael Ingram, and Giants Insider.com’s Ken Palmer (whether the NY Giants are playing or not).
Joining Dr. Chachkes from the “Front Window” of the restaurant as Co-Hosts will be: noted author Wil Mara, who is currently writing a series of Books for St. Martins Press set in the back offices and Locker rooms of the NFL, and John ”JK” Kelly, Jon “Wags” Wagner, and Ralph Garcia, who are all senior contributing writers. Mr. Kelly Covers the NY Dragons of The AFL and The Giants for WFUV Fordham University Radio, Mr. Wagner is also a contributor to CAA Zone.com, and Mr. Garcia covers The ACC, SEC, and The NFL’s AFC and NFC south divisions for FRO, as well as High School football In Nashville Tn. for various local outlets. Producing the show as she does for each “Live on Location” effort will be the talented Slavica Milosevska, who also doubles as FRO’s Senior investigative writer/reporter.
“Those who take the opportunity to join us in person won’t just enjoy the best Southwestern cuisine on the east coast, they will be treated to the “best football radio show they ever heard” said Dr. Chachkes. There will be plenty of giveaways just for showing up, including 3 copies of the “Gridiron Guide to the NFL Draft.” our new Annual Draft Publication. There will also be a Trivia contest (NFL Style) and a live “Ask the Experts” segment for those joining us in person. For the latest updates between now and Super Sunday, check the front page of our website:

It’s all about the mindset for these Titans

     It’s all about the mindset for these Titans
By Ralph Garcia-Sr. Writer Southeast Region-Football Reporters Online 12/24/08

As the 2008 season began one would look at the Titans schedule and pencil them in for seven to nine wins. After three quarters of the season this team never heard a word of that. They have managed a 12-1 mark and their attitude is the main reason. No matter how well or bad they play it’s the next opponent that’s on their mind. Not one player in the locker room feels they have done a thing yet. They have taken the approach that no matter the hype from the media they will stay focused on next week’s opponent. The goal was to make the playoffs. With that done their next goal is to win the AFC and the right to play in the Super Bowl. As safety Michael Griffin put it "It's set in stone now. We are the 2008 AFC South champs. But as a team, we can't settle for that. We can still get knocked out of the playoffs and this wouldn't really mean anything. The only thing it has guaranteed is that they will play one more game after the season. Beyond that is up to them. The feeling of having accomplished nothing so far has fed the hunger to win each and every Sunday. They come out hungry on each down wanting to punish their opponent every time they have the ball. Now they cannot play as they did against the Browns. The passing game will have to be more consistent. Wide receivers will have to step it up. The penalties will have to be kept to a minimum. As for the running game and the defense all they have to do is keep up the intensity. Three more regular season games left and then the second season begins. With the attitude this team is keeping a long run into the playoffs looks good. Maybe, just maybe, they can be playing on that last Sunday for all the marbles.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Mike Holmgren's Walk Around Quest Field After Final Game

It's official. The Seattle Seahawk's game against The New York Jets, a successful 13 to 3 victory, marked the final game of Coach Mike Holmgren and (perhaps) the end of one of the greatest coaches in of the late 20th Century and early 21st Century.

A Bill-Walsh protege, Holmgren developed Brett Farve and together the two brought Green Bay what is still their only Super Bowl win in the post-Lombardi era. Then he took over the Seahawks and molded them into a perenially competitive team, coming within two referee calls of a Super Bowl Championship.

Holmgren finishes with an overall 161 wins to 110 losses record. Will he return home to coach the San Francisco 49ers? Doubtful. Besides, they have Mike Singletary.

Miami Dolphins at Kansas City Chiefs - 2008 Week 16

NFL Miami Dolphins at Kansas City Chiefs - 2008 Week 16 Highlights. Dolphins win over the Chiefs; as of this writing they're off to the playoffs with a 10-5 record, a dramatic turn-around from their 1-15 season of 2007.

NFL San Diego Chargers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 2008 Week 16

San Diego Chargers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 2008 Week 16 Highlights. Chargers blow out Bucs 41 to 24, placing the bolts in position to win the AFC West with a victory over the Denver Broncos next week.

Pittsburg Steelers Vs Tennesee Titans - Titans Win 31 - 14

The Tennesee Titans wrapped up home field advantage for the playoffs with this win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. But something tells me they're not going to go all the way. It's not a statistically-based observation, just a feeling.

NFL Carolina Panthers at New York Giants - 2008 Week 16.

Carolina Panthers at New York Giants - 2008 Week 16 Highlights

Broncos - Bills Recap -- Sunday, December 21, 2008

NFL Network highlights from the Broncos 30-23 loss to the Buffalo Bills.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

AFL Suspends 2009 Season

AFL Suspends 2009 Season
By Dr Bill Chachkes-Managing Partner-Football Reporters Online

Sad but True: the AFL will not play in 2009. It seems that the economic downturn has hit even sports (except for baseball which is still paying grossly inflated salaries to marginal players-Maybe they will suspend operations for a year when people stop showing up to watch a poor product!). I have received several e-mails from AFL fans asking "What's the deal here? One went so far as to insinuate that someone must have embezzled some cash somewhere for this to happen. I can assure you to the best of my knowledge, no one has stolen any cash from The AFL. They simply need to "restructure" for the benefit of the players and the game to continue.

The question now is "Does the AFL return in 2010?" My Guess is Yes, but many of the players that made up the 2008 AFL will be gone. Most veteran players will find work playing in Canada, a few might get into the NFL next fall, some may head to AF2, which as of this moment is still in operation, still some more will turn to coaching at the High School and college level, or return to college as students.

F.R.O. Will do everything it can to bring you whatever we learn over the next few weeks...

Indianapolis Colts' Marvin Harrison has MRI, will sit Thursday game - ESPN

Marvin Harrison out for game: “NDIANAPOLIS -- Colts receiver Marvin Harrison did not travel to Jacksonville on Wednesday and will miss Thursday night's game against the Jaguars.”

ESPN - Minnesota Vikings go for division title with Tarvaris Jackson at QB

Tarvaris Jackson at QB: “EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. -- Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson will make his second consecutive start Sunday against Atlanta in a move that might portend a permanent return to that role.”

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dan Wetzel's Great Column On Tony Dungy and The Colts

Latest playoff push a rough ride for Dungy, Colts - NFL - Yahoo! Sports: “Through all the high-scoring victories, bids for a perfect season, wild comebacks, crazed finishes, playoff disappointments and, eventually, a Super Bowl triumph, the enduring image of Tony Dungy is one of calm.”

-- The column captures Tony's persona, but should -- does not -- mention his belief in Christ.

Mike Silver Says Zorn throws himself under the bus - NFL - Yahoo! Sports

Zorn throws himself under the bus - NFL - Yahoo! SportsMike Sliver: “Jim Zorn, I’m rooting for you. I really am. I resolved back in February to give you a chance as an out-of-the-box hire, and I hope you survive to coach a second year with the Redskins.

But could you kindly stop bleeding all over the place?”

Knowing Sil, I can actually hear him saying that!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oakland Raiders Stink - New England Up 42 to 20 In Rain-Soaked Game

I've been an Oakland Raiders fan since I was little, and went to a lot of games.  I've seen bad years, but this one's too much to take.  For the second straight year, the Oakland Raiders are guaranteed of a high -- second pick in 2009 -- NFL Draft pick.   It's not that the Raiders need the players; the Raiders need a coach and a system.

Right now, they're losing 42 to 20 to the New England Patriots at the Raiders home, a windy, cold Oakland Coliseum.   The main problem is the defense; good in places, the Pats no-huddle strategy got them off guard.  What's the best answer?  Blitz and from different angles.  Make them think about what they're doing.  But the Raiders didn't do that.

Still, this 3 and 10 team could come back.  It's 3:30 in the third quarter, and the Raiders just need to score three more touchdowns and a field goal to win.  

Oh, and hold the Pats to zero additional points.

Let's see what happens.  

Friday, December 12, 2008


DALLAS COWBOYS TERRELL OWENS, JASON WITTEN, TONY ROMO PREPARE TO PLAY NREW YORK GIANTS - New York Post: “It looks like the Giantsare catching the Cowboys at just the right time, with America's Team about to implode.

One day after Terrell Owens spoiled the holiday mood by saying quarterback Tony Romo was playing favorites with tight end Jason Witten, another starting player told ESPN's Ed Werder, "We are not together as a team, and that includes the coaches."

Owens claims Romo and Witten, who are friends and road roommates, conspire to draw up passing plays that exclude the wide receiver. The perception was denied throughout the organization, but it was revealed other wide receivers had spoken to offensive coordinator Jason Garrett about their roles in the offense.”

Who's Buying What in Super Bowl XLIII - Advertising Age - News

Who's Buying What in Super Bowl XLIII - Advertising Age - NewsAn excerpt: “A Rundown of Marketers and Their Spots in the Big Game

Published: December 08, 2008
Buy: The maker of Budweiser and Bud Light is expected to run five minutes' worth of advertising, according to Bob Lachky, chief creative officer of the A-B InBev unit.
Creative: A-B is testing as many as three different ads using its famous Clydesdale horses and is considering one spot apiece for its Bud Light Lime and Budweiser American Ale products. Bud Light is also expected to get plenty of face time, with at least three spots possible. A-B is famous for testing its Super Bowl ads among consumers again and again, so the final lineup is still in question.
Agency: Omnicom Group's DDB, Chicago; Havas' Euro RSCG, Chicago; and St. Louis independent Waylon are among the agencies with ads that could appear.
Buy: The automaker will air one :60 during the game's first quarter. Audi's 2008 Super Bowl spot featured its R8 sports car in a spoof of "The Godfather," and earned Audi the No. 2 spot in total buzz after the game, the company said. It also successfully drove traffic to Audi's web site.
Creative: Audi declined to comment on which vehicle would be featured or what the content of the spot will be.
Agency: Venables Bell & Partners, San Francisco.
Buy: The tire maker will once again sponsor the Super Bowl halftime show, which this year features Bruce Springsteen. The company will also run two 30-second commercials, according to Phil Pasci, VP-consumer marketing for Bridgestone Firestone North American Tire. Placement of the ads during the game is being negotiated with NBC and the NFL.
Creative: The ads will contain humor while focusing on showcasing the performance of the company's tires.
Agency: Independent Richards Group of Dallas
Buy: The jobs site intends to run two 30-second ads, one in the second quarter and one in the third, according to Cynthia Walker, the company's senior director of advertising.
Creative: Ms. Walker said the ads will not use the famous monkeys from Super Bowl ads past.
Agency: Independent Wieden & Kennedy
Buy: The website will air one 60-second ad in the second quarter.
Creative: A person familiar with the situation said the ads are expected to be humorous.
Agency: DDB, Chicago
Coca-Cola Co.
Buy: The beverage company intends to advertise its flagship cola in multiple spots.
Creative: In the last Super Bowl, Coke received critical acclaim for a majestic ad featuring balloons from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade slugging it out for a bottle of the fizzy brown liquid.
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy
E-Trade Financial
Buy: A company spokeswoman said E-Trade has purchased one spot; in recent years, E-Trade has run two 30-second commercials.
Creative: A person familiar with the situation suggested E-Trade is likely to bring back the talking baby it used in the last contest. E-Trade declined to comment on the content of its Super Bowl advertising.
Agency: WPP Group PLC's Grey New York
PepsiCo's Frito-Lay
Buy: The company's cheesy-chip brand will solicit self-made ads for Doritos from consumers and air one as a 30-second spot.
Creative: Doritos will give the winning entry $1 million if the ad becomes "the first-ever consumer-created commercial to claim the No. 1 ranking in USA Today's annual Ad Meter."
Agency: n/a
General Electric
Buy: The owner of NBC, broadcaster of the 2009 Super Bowl, intends to run one spot in the game.
Creative: A company spokeswoman declined to speak about the length of the commercial.
Agency: Omnicom Group's BBDO
Buy: The registrar of online domain names has purchased one 30-second ad in the Super Bowl and is mulling the purchase of another, said Bob Parsons, the company's CEO and founder.
Creative: GoDaddy is producing two ads, both of which will feature race-car driver Danica Patrick and embody the slightly inappropriate tone of the company's past Super Bowl ads.
Agency: In-house
Buy: Two commercials
Creative: The ads are for the launch of its 2010-model Genesis coupe.
Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco
Buy: One 30-second ad
Creative: Monster is kicking off a campaign highlighting the fact that it has become the official careerservices sponsor of the NFL. As part of that pact, the company said, it will run an additional 30-second "in-game enhancement" to launch an NFL-themed promotion intended to drive traffic to the site.
Agency: BBDO”

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

NFL Reports Plan Of Layoffs At All NFL Business Units

This massive economic collapse has taken many companies and people into lower positions of wealth and caused many to lose their jobs at historic rates.  Well, after years of incredible growth, it was thought that the sports industry was immune to these developments surrounding the credit crunch.  

Not so. 

I received this email from the NFL's director of communications Greg Aiello:

  As part of an overall cost-cutting plan in response to the slumping economy, the NFL today confirmed plans to reduce its staff by approximately 150 employees during the next 60 days.
       There are 1,100 employees in three NFL locations around the country: league headquarters in New York; NFL Films production facilities in Mt Laurel, New Jersey; and NFL Network and NFL.com production facilities in Los Angeles.
       A voluntary separation program will be offered to personnel this week as a first step in the staff reduction.
       "These are difficult and painful steps," Commissioner Roger Goodell said Tuesday in a memo to his staff, "but they are necessary in the current economic environment. I would like to be able to report that we are immune to the troubles around us, but we are not. Properly managed, I am confident the NFL will emerge stronger, more efficient and poised to pursue long-term growth opportunities."

Monday, December 08, 2008

Super Bowl and The Economy - In a recession, even the Super Bowl takes a hit

FOX Sports on MSN - NFL - In a recession, even the Super Bowl takes a hit

NFL Game Center: Game Recap - Washington Redskins at Baltimore Ravens - 2008 14

NFL Game Center: Game Recap - Washington Redskins at Baltimore Ravens - 2008 14: “BALTIMORE -- If the Washington Redskins are fortunate, it might be another four years before they have to face the Baltimore Ravens again.

Reed set up a touchdown with an interception and scored on a 22-yard fumble return, part of a stifling effort by the Baltimore defense in a 24-10 victory Sunday night.”

NFL Game Center: Game Recap - Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts - 2008 14

NFL Game Center: Game Recap - Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts - 2008 14: “INDIANAPOLIS -- Colts cornerback Kelvin Hayden had a perfect read on the Cincinnati Bengals.

Peyton Manning apparently was doing his homework, too.

Manning threw for three scores Sunday and Hayden returned an interception for a touchdown, leading the Colts to their most lopsided win of the season, 35-3.”

NFL Game Center: Post Game - St. Louis Rams at Arizona Cardinals - 2008 Week 14

NFL Game Center: Post Game - St. Louis Rams at Arizona Cardinals - 2008 Week 14 Cardinals clinch the NFC West division with win over the rival Rams.

NFL Game Center: Post Game - Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints - 2008 Week 14

NFL Game Center: Post Game - Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints - 2008 Week 14 Falcons were leading, but lost to N.O.

Pittsburgh's Defense #1 vs Pass and Rush; Super Bowl?

Cowboys have no answer for Steelers' stifling defense

NFL Game Center: Game Recap - Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants - 2008 14

NFL Game Center: Game Recap - Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants - 2008 14 Eagles win game, 20 to 14, but Giants get division title anyway.

NFL Game Center: Game Recap - Cleveland Browns at Tennessee Titans - 2008 14

NFL Game Center: Game Recap - Cleveland Browns at Tennessee Titans - 2008 14 Titans win AFC South title.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Eagles Brian Westbrook questionable for Sunday - NFL.com

NFL.com Blogs » Blog Archive Westbrook questionable for Sunday «

Sports Illustrated: Ax Drops At Sports Illustrated; Layoff Rumors Include Hoffer, Wolff And Dr. Z?

Sports Illustrated: Ax Drops At Sports Illustrated; Layoff Rumors Include Hoffer, Wolff ... And Dr. Z?

Carolina's Julius Peppers and Vikings Jared Allen Fined $10,000. ProFootballTalk.com - PEPPERS, ALLEN FINED $10,000

ProFootballTalk.com - PEPPERS, ALLEN FINED $10,000: “Julius Peppers and Vikings defensive end Jared Allen have each been fined $10,000.”



ESPN - O.J. Simpson sentenced to prison for Las Vegas robbery

ESPN - O.J. Simpson sentenced to prison for Las Vegas robbery

ESPN - Judge blocks NFL's drug suspensions of 5 players

ESPN - Judge blocks NFL's drug suspensions of 5 players

Thursday, December 04, 2008





Chicago Bear's Matt Forte's chances for rookie of year - NFL Nation

ESPN - Forte's chances for rookie of year - NFL Nation

Indianapolis Colts middle linebacker Gary Brackett to miss at least two games

ESPN - Indianapolis Colts middle linebacker Brackett to miss at least two games

Rooney family near deal to keep Pittsburgh Steelers in family control

ESPN - Rooney family near deal to keep Pittsburgh Steelers in family control

Antonio Pierce unaware Plaxico Burress was carrying gun - ESPN

ESPN - Attorney: Antonio Pierce unaware Plaxico Burress was carrying gun

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Selfish Burress May Cost Giants A Chance At Defending Their Titl

Selfish Burress May Cost Giants A Chance At Defending Their Title-By Jon Wagner-Senior Writer at Large-Football Reporters Online

When New York Giants’ wide receiver Plaxico Burress literally shot himself in his left leg at a Manhattan club last Friday night, he may have also figuratively shot his team in the foot.

It seemed that the talented receiver had put some character questions during his five years in Pittsburgh to bed during most of his first three years with the Giants. But, ever since catching the winning touchdown pass in the Giants’ Super Bowl XLII win in February, Burress, now in his fourth season with New York, has apparently let his self-centered actions ruin what could have been a very happy marriage with the defending champion Giants.

If he had been able to stay out of trouble and simply show up every week as the professional that the Giants hoped he’d be, Burress certainly would have remained the Giants’ most dangerous receiving threat. After last Friday’s incident however, he may no longer get that chance.

Whether due to his self-inflicted gunshot wound, the impending legal trouble resulting from it, or from both, Burress may have played his final game in a Giants’ uniform this season. If that’s the case, the track record of how the Giants have been able to continue to flourish after ridding themselves of other talented troublemakers would indicate that Burress’ days as a Giant could be numbered not only this season, but for good.

After a multitude of missed practices, excuses, and fines, the Giants may have run out of patience. For proof of that, there’s no need to look past current Giant tight end Kevin Boss filling in adequately for four-time pro-bowler and ex-Giant Jeremy Shockey in helping the Giants to their first 11-1 record in their long, storied history.

As with Boss, the Giants certainly have Burress’ replacements waiting in the wings. Domenic Hixon, Steve Smith, and Amani Toomer have already more than picked up the slack in the weeks that Burress has already missed this season whether due to injuries or repeated off-the-field troubles.

But the concern for the Giants is if that trio can get it done come playoff time in January against some of the best teams the NFC has to offer, or in Tampa, should the Giants reach Super Bowl XLIII.

Though Burress’ potential postseason fill-ins are talented in their own rights, Burress is not only a receiving matchup problem at 6-foot-5 with speed, athleticism, and good hands, but he often commanded double teams, opening up the field for other options. Without him, the Giants will have to find other ways to keep good defenses guessing and maintain their efficiency as the league’s leading offense once the “real” season arrives and they seek to defend last year’s championship.

It’s entirely possible that the Giants could roll to another Super Bowl title in February without Burress. After all, the won a Super Bowl last season without Tiki Barber and Shockey, and they’re cruising this season without Michael Strahan and Osi Umenyiora. But, as hard as it is to repeat as champions in a league like the NFL, the chances of doing so would have been a lot easier for the Giants if defending a championship and being part of a true team were as important to Burress as it is to what may soon become Buress’ former team.

Friday, November 28, 2008


AS we steam toward our first New York-New York Super Bowl, The Great Debate suddenly rages:Who's better, the Giants or the Jets?

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Favre's Success With the Jets is an Apology to Gastineau

New York City has been officially diagnosed with Brett Favre Fever. The New York Jets are welcoming new fans to the fold as the team continues to succeed, and everyone is buzzing about the potential for a hometown Super Bowl...

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Giants want Six in a Row

With a three-game lead in the division, the Giants (10-1) are on a roll and can virtually wrap up the NFC East with a victory over the Redskins on Sunday. New York will also surpass their win total from last season (10-6).

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New York Giants Examiner: Giants at Redskins: Preview

Can the Giants keep their streak alive or will Washington take the champs down

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Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan Officially Best Rookie QB Ever.(At least according

Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan was named the best rookie QB of all time by an Atlanta Journal Constitutional writer, read more about it here.

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Let's hope Kubiak's comments don't reflect his beliefs

I can't help but react to Dale Robertson's commentary today in the Houston Chronicle about the Texans "porous" defense. In the column, Robertson suggested that the Texans 35-6 win over the Bengals may have (then) signaled that the defense had found some footing.To that I invoke the theory of the blind squirrel and the nut.

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Fans and Media Call For Romeo Crennel's Firing

A growing chorus of voices is demanding that Cleveland Browns head coach Romeo Crennel be fired. Crennel has led the underachieving Browns to a dismal 4-7 record. Their latest loss came at the hands of the struggling Houston Texans. In the loss, the Browns defense allowed the Texans anemic offense to gain nearly 400 yards.

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Jets-Broncos: New York Must Step Up Where Denver Excels

The New York Jets and Denver Broncos haven't faced one another very often in recent years, but please believe there's still a very strong sense of animosity for the ponies. Perhaps it's more on the behalf of Jets' fans, but it certainly does exist...

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Newsday's List of Hall of Fame Eligible Semifinalists

So here we go. Here are the 25 (plus two seniors previously nominated) just-announced semifinalists for enshrinement into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The inductees will be announced the day before the Jets-Giants Super Bowl in Tampa.Terrell Davis? Really?

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John Lynch to Retire After 15 Years in NFL

As any Denver Broncos fan knows, safety John Lynch has had one hell of a career in the NFL for both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Denver Broncos.With nine Pro Bowls, 1,277 tackles, 26 interceptions and winning a Super Bowl in 2002 with the Bucs, Lynch is almost certainly a guaranteed first ballot NFL hall of famer.

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Former Tampa Bay Buc Dave Pear battles NFL for help

Dave Pear will pull himself out of his shallow sleep, the way he has done for countless mornings. He will hobble across his house with the shuffle of a gladiator who has outlived the cheers. He will drink his coffee, he will take his pills, and he will read his Bible.

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Raiders still tinkering with a formula for winning - TFDS

The Oakland Raiders haven't allowed themselves to become complacent even after winning convincingly in Denver last Sunday. They are still working at getting better and are making the types of moves that we here at TFDS have been begging for since the last off-season. While it may be a little late for the Raiders to get that impact diamond in the...

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Lane Kiffin to coach Tennessee Volunteers

Tennessee has reached an agreement with former Oakland Raiders coach Lane Kiffin to take over as the Volunteers' next coach, with an announcement planned for Monday, barring any snags, according to multiple sources.

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Colts Have Rebounded to Become AFC Contenders Again

The Indianapolis Colts started out the 2008 season struggling, but have rebounded to become legitimate AFC contenders again behind Peyton Manning, Bob Sanders, and Tony Dungy.

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December Awaits Dallas Cowboys. Enough of the Turkey Dance

I have been waiting to write this post all season. December is finally here. The playoff run is about to begin. Games really start to matter now.The Dallas Cowboys have won three games in a row for the first time since the season started. After some ego-disrupting losses to...read the rest at thelandryhat.com

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Raise Your Hand If You Feel Sorry For the Detroit Lions

Chris Johnson was untouched on a short run to the outside and a long gain up the middle. The two plays were symbolic of the canyon-like gap between the once-beaten Tennessee Titans and the winless Detroit Lions.

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Michael 2: Vick Deserves Another Chance in the NFL

I think that Michael Vick should be allowed back into the NFL. I think that the Detroit Lions should give him a chance at RB.

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

New York Looking Super In Both NFL Conferences

New York Looking Super In Both NFL Conferences-by Jon Wagner-Senior Contributing Writer-Football Reporters Online

It seems that immediately after Super Bowl XLII, a general consensus was formed that the road to Super Bowl XLIII would go through anywhere but the place where either of the two New York NFL franchises call home.

Many believed that the journey to Tampa Bay in February would wind through Dallas or San Diego, or perhaps through New England, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, or Tennessee.

The idea of the New York Giants defending their Super Bowl LXII title was an afterthought, and the prospect of the Giants meeting their fellow Meadowlands tenants, the New York Jets, in Super Bowl XLIII, wasn’t even considered.

However, fast forward now, to Week 12 of the 2008 NFL regular season, and suddenly what exists, is the very real possibility of a first-ever all-New York (or if you prefer, all-New Jersey) Super Bowl on the first day of February, 2009.

Yes, that’s the new prevailing view for both a defending champion who has until now, proven itself as the team to beat in the NFC, and similarly, for the team which is this week’s fashionable pick in what has become a scrambled race among several different teams for AFC dominance.

For the Giants, flash back to Super Bowl XLII when looking at Sunday’s game in Arizona. Same locker room, same sideline, same result.

Returning for the first time to the place they were crowned Super Bowl XLII champions, the Giants, as they often have, overcame adversity to do something they’ve done all but once in their past fifteen games -– win. Again.

Playing together as a true team, and having others step up to continue to roll is something that has seemingly become second nature for the Giants. They lose Tiki Barber to retirement and Jeremy Shockey to injury (and later, for good, to Shockey’s poor attitude), and they win a Super Bowl with Brandon Jacobs, Ahmad Bradshaw, Derrick Ward, and Kevin Boss. They see Michael Strahan retire and Osi Umenyiora lost to injury for the 2008 season, and they pressure 2008 NFL MVP candidate Kurt Warner into enough mistakes on Sunday to hand the Cardinals their first loss in five home games.

Given that track record, it’s no wonder that with their leading rusher Brandon Jacobs missing all of Sunday’s game with a knee injury, and with their best receiver Plaxico Burress sidelined for most of the game (after aggravating a previous hamstring injury in the first quarter), the Giants would find several others to fill those voids in torching Arizona’s defense and special teams for nearly forty points, in a 37-29 win on Sunday.

For those who may still think last year’s run from a 10-6 regular season record to NFL champions was a fluke, the Giants became only the second team in NFL history on Sunday to win five consecutive games against teams with winning records (the 1970 Minnesota Vikings first accomplished that feat).

Despite their 2008 success, the Giants know their path to another Super Bowl remains a difficult one. However, their win over the Cardinals coupled with Carolina’s loss to Atlanta on Sunday leaves the Giants in very good shape for earning the top seed in the NFC. With five weeks left in the regular season, the 10-1 Giants lead both Carolina and Tampa Bay (each 8-3) by a full two games. The Giants don’t play the Buccaneers before the postseason, but they do host the Panthers in the next-to-last week of the regular season, December 21st, at Giants Stadium.

Should the Giants ride a possible number one seed to another Super Bowl, the AFC representative they could play also needs to be sorted out over the next couple of months.

Suddenly, that team is looking more and more like it could be New York’s other team after the Jets won a big statement game on the road for the second straight week.

After taking hold of the AFC East with last week’s overtime win in New England, the Jets waltzed into Nashville and handed the Tennessee Titans (10-1) their first loss of the season, and it wasn’t even close, in a 34-13 rout.

The Jets set the tone early with a nine-play, 76-yard drive grabbing a 7-0 lead just 4:35 into Sunday’s contest on a 10-yard touchdown pass from Brett Favre to Thomas Jones, and they never looked back.

How much of a declaration was it that the Jets have arrived as serious Super Bowl contenders? Check these numbers: though the Jets were outgained through the air (236 yards to 217), Jets’ quarterback Brett Favre was very sharp, completing 25 of 32 passes for 224 yards and two touchdowns; the Jets held a huge advantage on the ground, racking up 192 rushing yards to the Titans’ 45; and New York held the ball for more than two-thirds of the game, winning the time of possession battle, 40:30 to 19:30.

The past two weeks, against teams like the Patriots and Titans, are the types of games the Jets spent so much offseason money on upgrading key positions, especially of course, with the signing of Favre, and those moves seem to be paying off now.

At 8-3, the Jets are tied with Pittsburgh (also 8-3) for the second seed in the AFC behind Tennessee. However, given that the Jets just manhandled the Titans on their own turf, they should have plenty of confidence of going back to Nashville for a potential AFC championship game if the Titans and Jets end up as the top two seeds in the AFC.

Of course, it’s understood that defense often wins championships, but also it’s interesting to see which two teams, each now widely recognized as perhaps the current teams to beat in their respective conferences, are the top two NFL offenses at this point.

Two games in two weeks for Jets to significantly measure their progress from more modest hopes of years past, and 34 points scored by the Jets in each of those games. The Jets now rank second with 29.4 points per game, behind only the Giants, who lead the NFL in scoring with 29.9 points per game.

It’s only Thanksgiving week, so no one in New York is thinking beyond Macy’s floats in terms of any parades. But, if things continue for the next couple of months as they have recently, we may know by the end of January if at least one New York team might be gearing up for a parade of their own.

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This Thursday Night on Football Reporters Online

Another Informative show this Thursday night at Football Reporters Online! Professor Leonard Marshall Joins us! He is Currently an Instructor and executive in residence at Seton Hall University's Stillman School of Business, but most Football Fans will Remember him as #70 for the NY Giants during the 1980's and early 1990's, the Man who put the hit on Joe Montana in the 1990 NFC title game that eventually would put off the 49ers squad. He will Join us to discuss why the Retired NFL players aren't getting what they deservefrom the Union, His own GPF(Game Plan Foundation) andhis Youth Football Camp in Florida each summer.
Hear the Show at www.blogtalkradio.com/Football-Reporters

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Al Davis, Jim Fassel, and The Oakland Raiders Need For A Head Coach

Jim Fassel says he wants to coach the Oakland Raiders. I think he should hold off on that before he hears my take. To make it work, Mr. Davis, the Manager of the General Partner of the Raiders, needs to really give the head coach power to be...head coach. 

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Old School Players Take NFLPA to School: A BASN/FRO Exclusive

Old School Players Take NFLPA to School: A BASN/FRO Exclusive
By Michael – Louis Ingram- Scouting Director Football Reporters Online/ Host-Black Athlete Sports Network

Editor’s Note: The following is a continuation of a series of articles first broken by the Black Athlete Sports Network last September; regarding the plight of many of the football players who laid the foundation for the National Football League’s rise in becoming the number one spectator sport in America.
Throughout the duration of this series, BASN staffers will offer their opinion and contribute pieces to a very convoluted puzzle.

This past Monday, over 2,000 retired professional football players scored a major legal victory in a San Francisco courtroom when they were rewarded $28.1 million in a verdict against the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) and its licensing and marketing division, Players, Inc.
The Hon. William Allsup, presiding over U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, ruled that NFLPA and Players Inc. must compensate thousands of retired players. Citing a “breaching of their fiduciary duty” on the part of the defendants, jurors, in addition to finding the two entities culpable, ruled for $21 million to be handed over in punitive damages.
The jury of eight women and two men concluded NFLPA and Players, Inc. failed to market retired players' licensing rights under a group licensing authorization contract covering the licensing of electronic games, collectables and other merchandise.
Listed as point men on the original suit was Pro Football Hall of Fame safety Herb Adderley and former Cleveland Browns’ defensive back Bernard Parrish, with the original claim filed approximately two years ago.

Adderley, whose career was laced with accolades and championships, received everything he could from football – except proper compensation after his retirement in the early 1970s, barely surviving on $125.86 as his pension from his 12 years in the NFL prior to the filing.

Mr. Adderley and the victorious former NFL players were represented by attorneys from the national law firms of McKool Smith, P.C., and Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP. The McKool Smith team included firm principal Lew LeClair, senior counsel Jill Naylor and associates Brett Charhon and Anthony Garza.

The Manatt, Phelps group included firm partners Ronald S. Katz, Chad S. Hummel and L. Peter Parcher, in addition to associates Ryan S. Hilbert and Noel S. Cohen.

"This verdict is a great victory for the men who devoted their lives to building professional football," says Mr. LeClair of McKool Smith, attorney for the retired players. "We are thankful the jury decided to right this wrong."

Throughout the three week trial, several former NFL stars testified about the benefits promised by the union that were never received, and the difficulties in gaining information about the NFLPA's finances and licensing agreements.

First & Goal

While the verdict provides some long overdue git – back, there is a downside to this.

The numbers, on their face sound justifiable, but I beg to differ.

Just as insurance companies are wont to do, these numbers, even with the addition of punitive damages factored in, calculate surprisingly low; and this is something I feel the League expected it would take a beating on, as I feel this judgment represents acceptable losses by the League.

If you breakdown $28 million over 2,000 players, it comes out to $14,000 apiece. When you consider the timeframe of two generations; and the fact the League was drowning in liquidity from television packages, international revenue through expansion of the game to Europe, Japan, Mexico and Canada, the concept of the Super Bowl, facilitation for Electronic Arts (EA Sports) to put a stranglehold on the electronic video game business and the creation of the League’s own cable television network, it would be hard for me to fathom NFLPA and Players, Inc. appealing any decision.

But Liffort Hobley thinks these jokers got off easy. Hobley, a defensive back who played seven seasons in the NFL with the St. Louis Cardinals and Miami Dolphins, says the amount is even less. “The NFL should be ashamed of itself,” said Hobley, “in allowing this to fester into going to court.

“The money that the players finally get won’t be more than ten grand a head; and while it may offer some immediate relief, it doesn’t speak to some of the long – term concerns many of these veterans have.”

Hobley, now an account executive with Thomson Reuters in Dallas, Texas, says this first check should be an appetizer for a main course in the very near future. “It’s not like these guys (owners and union) were ever in danger of missing a payroll – and no one in NFLPA had the decency to do the right thing by the former players.

“You knew this wasn’t going to be a situation like the USFL debacle, where you kicked out three bucks in damages; but it may as well have been for what little you’re paying out now.”

LeClair confirms Hobley’s numbers. “At the beginning of the lawsuit, 2,074 players were listed on the class action. Twelve opted out, so by the time of the decision, 2,062 players are eligible for the payout.

“But it looks like the NFLPA legal counsel will appeal the decision, and given it takes upwards of two years before anyone sees a check, the per – person breakdown comes out to somewhere between eight and ten thousand per man.”

While that cash will be a welcome sight to those who need it and earned it right now, I’m thinking about the dozens of players the NFL callously let die because they waited for something they knew they were entitled to, but were told otherwise.

I can see a direct correlation between former NFL players dying prematurely to people who were killed after the big gasoline shortage in the 1970s. Motorists were killed for wanting gasoline; jumping ahead of lines, hoarding, etc. – but the oil companies were never taken to court in class action or personal litigation to my recollection because of the preposterous notion these companies aided and abetted someone losing their life – for wanting to fill their gas tank would remain beyond adjudication.

Or how about the hundreds of players whose lives spiraled into depression, pain, blues and agony because of conditions developed from playing a collision sport compounded with stress from continuous denial by NFL doctors refusing to acknowledge said affects as cause.

To conclude that men in their 40s, 50s, 60s and up were in damaged condition due to “natural wear and tear” is tantamount to spitting in their face; but the propaganda machine will remind you of what “noble gridiron gladiators these stout men were” – complete with martial music in the scale of C and John Facenda’s bellowing baritone.

Sure, these cats knew the job was dangerous when they took it – but so did you, you greedy bastards. Why couldn’t you just share and be fair with the understanding that it would be good business in taking care of those who helped you become stinking rich? It wasn’t like you were scrambling to make a payroll…

Show Me The Money!

Which now brings us from the Old Heads to the Young Bloods – the self – indulgent, the clueless (not all, but some); the ones who dance and gesticulate but miss the big picture even after seeing a Kevin Everett or an Anquan Boldin’s life change in one play.

What I’d be asking myself right now if I were a current player or recently retired one collecting what would seem to be a nice check is this: “If they went to such a great extent to screw these cats out of their money, what makes me think they’re not screwing me out of my money?

If you stretch out $14,000 over 20 years, that’s an average of $700 yearly; over 40 years, $350. I’m no accountant, but you would have to include a cost of living adjustment over a similar time frame, then, allowing for inflation, compute how much that would have accumulated if even a third of whatever cash was allowed to sit and accrue interest for a reasonable assessment of what each player really deserves.

It has been said often, and bears repeating: football players have the lousiest contract situation in all the major sports. Your bonus – if you get one – is your foundation. If you get hurt, all those numbers on your contract are as valuable as a roll of Charmin; and your usefulness to that organization after the fact makes you as valuable as the used Charmin that just got flushed away.

Suffice to say this cash should represent the first deposit in a workman’s compensation/royalties/reparations condition; to be expedited to those who need it with all deliberate speed.

The NFLPA and Players, Inc. ran their B.S. marathon; now it’s time for the money to talk.




(Managing Partner's note: The last thing we want to do at FRO is damage the reputation of the many fine people who are involved in the business of Football. Many of these said persons have no known knowledge of these Issues. However, as we expect to be thought of as credible journalists, we must "dig deeper" to tell the whole story, to make sure that justice gets done for those who are deserving of it and who are
waiting for it!)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Football reporters online show 11/13

Another Thursday Night Football reporters online show and another Jam Packed 90 minutes of football talk.

This weeks Guests: Former University of Toledo and CFL Star QB Chuck Ealey, the subject of a PBS documentary this month, and Former Miami Dolphin DB Liffort Hobley will Join us, as well as your questions from the Mailbag and the Chat Room, and our game of the week picks. join os on Blog Talk radio at


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Who'll Save the Lions Now

Who'll Save the Lions Now

November 9, 2008

By Slavica Milosevska for Football Reporters Online

After signing a two year contract to the Detroit Lions on Tuesday, Dante Culpepper emerged from a short retirement at 31 years of age for an attempt to get today's statistically worst team of the NFL back on their feet.

Culpepper has expressed optimism in the team's potential and hoped to help bring their first victory, but only a miracle could help the Lions. “I can't say that I'm going to be the guy who changes everything, but I want to be the guy that helps," stated Culpepper. "No one person in football wins or loses the game."

The Lions were leading 7-3 at the end of the first quarter, but by half-time, the Jacksonville Jaguars gained the lead 24-7. In the fourth quarter, the Lions finally scored for the second time, and it ended the same way as it consistently has. The Lions lost 38-14.

The Lions rank 27th on offense, last in defense and are the only winless team this season. In 2001, the Lions lost their first 12 games and could very well make a new NFL record as the first 0-16 team.

On November 16th, the Lions will visit the Carolina Panthers who defeated the Oakland Raiders Sunday 17-6, are currently 7-2 and will be 8-2 after next Sunday's game.

(ed. Note-Culpepper split time with Drew Stanton: he was 5-10 for 104 yards while Stanton was 6-8 for 99 yards)

Giants hang on for win in Philly

Giants hang on for win in Philly
By Dr. Bill Chachkes-Managing Partner Football Reporters Online

There is no doubt in my mind that the New York Giants left everything they had on Lincoln Financial Field tonight. Could it have gone any better for Coach Tom Coughlin and the Big Blue? It could have, but they will take the 36-31 win on the road to raise their record tom 8-1.

Just as the Giants fought hard tonight, so did the Eagles. After Eli Manning threw an early interception, Desean Jackson scored the opening points of the game on a direct snap and 11 yard rush to the pylon. However, New York scored the next 17 points to carry a 10 point lead into the second quarter. Most of the first half was a pitched battle between the two teams defenses. After Philly scored off another Giants turnover (a fumble by Brandon Jacobs), New York got another score to end the first half on the second of John Carney’s 3 Field Goals, bringing the half to a close at 20-17.

Both teams got tougher on defense in the third quarter, trading TD’s to bring the score to 27-24, but you could sense that something was going to give on way or another. After the Giants stretched the lead back to 6 with Carney’s third field goal, the Giants forced the Eagles into a 3 and out. On the ensuing Punt return Dominik Hixon took it to The Yard for a 73 yard TD, but due to a holding penalty, the score was nullified. With the Giants starting the the Philly 40 yard line, they were still in a good position to get a score, and they did just under 3 minutes later with the Brandon Jacobs TD. With the score at 36-24 The Eagles drove down the field one more time to score and close the gap to 36-31, but a final drive would be stopped by a Giants defense that has given up little this season.

Held in check for most of the night again, Plaxico Burress managed only one catch for a 17 Yard TD early in the Game. Kevin Boss had 6 catches for 69 yards and a TD, and Armani Toomer had 5 catches for 53 yards. Jacobs was the big offensive star for New York, with 22 carries for 126 yards and 2 TD’s. The Giants face the Baltimore Ravens next, a team which always seems to Give NY fits. Yet, the Saga continues….

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Giants Handle Cowboys-almost have clear shot at division title

Giants Handle Cowboys-almost have clear shot at division title
By Dr. Bill Chachkes-Managing Partner Football Reporters Online

The New York Giants could have had the collapse of the decade. They could have fell apart. They could have played down to their competition as they did against the Browns, Bengals, and countless other teams over the years. Instead they came out and played “their game” against Dallas yesterday in the meadowlands. They established the run early, and although they had a few turnovers, and a few penalties more then normal, but in the end they finished the game up on the Cowboys by 21 points. They also moved to a 7-1 record, a half game ahead of all other challengers thus far in the NFC.

The Giants formula for success thus far has been a continuation of what they did late last season. Play solid defense, and establish the running game to open up the passing lanes. It doesn’t hurt that the kicking game has been so good over the last few years, with Jeff Feagles as the Punter and first Lawrence Tynes, and now John Carney placekicking. The Offense hasn’t been this good since the 60’s when Y.A. Tittle had Gifford, Shofner, Rote, and Morrison to throw to. While there are plenty of Current Giants to throw to, it’s the Earth (Brandon Jacobs) Wind ,(Derrick Ward), and Fire (Amahd Bradshaw) to run the ball that is the difference in this team since late last season.

But who is this 2008 Giants team really? Do they have what it takes to win the division, conference, and get back to the Super Bowl let alone win it for the second year in a row? Lots of obstacles stand in their way. First, there is the Eagles, who just refuse to die at 5-3, even though they are 0-2 in the division. Then, trailing close behind the Giants is Washington, who is 6-2, the only difference is the opening night loss to the Giants. Even Dallas, who just lost to NY yesterday, is still only 5-4 and coming up on their bye week. Carolina & Tampa in the South (6-2 & 6-3 respectively), Chicago in the North (at 5-3), and Arizona in the west,(also 5-3) are all competitive as well. Even Atlanta is 5-3, but like Dallas is 0-2 in their division.

If the Giants fall into a late season slump like they did in 2005’s playoffs or in the second half of the 2006 regular season, then you will hear the cry for Couglin’s head again. People are starting to claim that the Giants are the team to beat. I say I’m glad they aren’t letting the press clippings get to them. They almost blew it big time against The Bengals, and had a meltdown against the Browns. Now comes the big Sunday night match up with the Eagles. They will have to prove that they are the team to beat again.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

NFL EXPANSION-Will there ever be another team in Los Angeles?

NFL EXPANSION-Will there ever be another team in Los Angeles?
By Dr. Bill Chachkes-managing partner Football Reporters Online

You can be sure that at one of the next few owners meetings, the subject of expansion will come up again. There is just too much money to be made, and too many fans to attract not to consider expansion. Why some owners complain the expansion would “dilute” the product is beyond me. The NFL is About two things: Making money and entertaining it’s fans, in that order.

Let’s look back for a bit. That last time there was true expansion was 1995, when Carolina and Jacksonville came into the NFL to bring the total of teams to 30. I don’t count the Houston Texans because they were replacing a franchise that moved (the Oilers) to Tennessee and became the Titans, Just like the return of the Cleveland Browns in the early part of the new century replacing the original Browns after they moved to Baltimore and became the Ravens. So there is your brief history up to now.

Oddly enough, the second largest television market in America still does not have a team, Los Angeles. The Rams moved to St. Louis when it’s owner complained to the league and the commissioner that they could not make money in L.A. with an outdated stadium (the coliseum was built for the 1932 olympic games). The owners begrudgingly agreed to allow the move. So the question remains” will Pro Football ever return to L.A.? There have been whispers in recent years of different investment groups who claim to be interested, but nothing has ever come to fruition. A second stumbling block has been Raiders owner Al Davis claims of infringement on his territory. Last time I looked at a map, Oakland was about 500 miles north of Los Angeles. Sorry Mr. Davis, but when you moved back to Oakland, you lost the right to make that complaint.

Other Investment groups have stated that without a new stadium project in place or at least major upgrades to the current venue. With the tightening economic troubles, monetary support from the local government will be minimal if at all. So it turns into a case of “Who” will step forward to lead an investment group. California’s “Governator” has said that a “replacement” franchise is important for the continued growth of the Greater L.A. area. A new team could draw 2 Billion dollars of new income to the local economy. By contrast, the return of The Browns generated nearly 1 billion dollars to the local Ohio economy, and it continues to grow.
Balance that with the cost of buying into the NFL (Dan Snyder paid 800 million to the Cooke family for the Redskins, currently they are worth nearly 1.5 billion) and you have an instant formula for success.

The NFL however, never rushes into anything. As a business, they desire to expand two cities at a time. If California get’s it’s 4th team back in L.A., where will the other team go?? San Antonio? Salt Lake City? Las Vegas? Portland? With the sagging economy needing a fix, could any of those cities really support an NFL team? Well, Vegas could, and San Antonio might, but the others are doubtful. The fans sure want more teams, and so do the players and coaches, because it would mean more jobs. But with the end of the current CBA just on the horizon, expansion just might be on hold for the time being.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Be a Man Johnson!

Be a Man Johnson

October 27, 2008

By Slavica Milosevska for Football Reporters Online

The Kansas City Chiefs have concluded that RB Larry Johnson will not participate in foreknown future after being charged with non-aggravated assault for spiting his drink in a 24-year old woman's face at The Blonde, a Kansas City nightclub, on October 10th. The woman claims Johnson repeatedly threatened to kill her boyfriend and spit at her three times again while being escorted out. This is the fourth case where Johnson allegedly assaulted a woman. Johnson was already out the last two games for breaking team rules and was teetering a suspension from the NFL. If suspended, the Chiefs may refuse to pay $5.5 million in guaranteed bonuses.

A serious issue is Johnson's past “reported” abuse towards woman, and remember, “reported” could mean more situations not on the record. In 2003, a felony aggravated assault and misdemeanor domestic battery for waving a gun in his home while arguing with his ex-girlfriend were dropped because of an agreement to enroll in a domestic violence program. Then in 2005, there was an accusation of throwing a woman to the ground, but again the case was dropped because on three separate hearings, the victim did not to appear in court. Then while awaiting his December 3rd court appearance for pushing a woman's head to the floor on February 24th, facing a six month maximum sentence and a $500 fine, he is now charged with a simple municipal assault charge.

Johnson stated in a recent public apology, “This is the first time in my life I actually had to stand up, I mean actually woke up and kind of be disgusted with myself and disgusted as far as the way my life and my career is heading right now. In times of darkness, you’ve got to look for the light and that’s what I plan on doing, regardless of what suspensions and fines are being handed down. I will take them as sincerely as they give them out.”

One would question, did this man have a rough childhood? According to the two-time Pro Bowl player, family has been very supportive. Academics and athletics were emphasized, and he believes his parents and two younger siblings helped him excel to attain his goals. Johnson has said that his father, Larry Sr., a Penn State Football Coach, is his best friend and that they are very close. His mother, Christine, an educator, is extraordinarily pleasant. Since her son's legal problems, she has been on his defense saying that he is not angry, just misunderstood and occasionally guarded.

In 2005, with the inspiration of his upbringing, Johnson founded the LJ’s Legacy & Growth Youth Foundation to create positive thinking, behavior and attitudes for self image and be a positive role model like his parents. Christine is part of the Professional Football Players Mothers' Association (PFPMA). She is hosting their donation event “Tackling Hunger” in State College, Pennsylvania on November 21st. Since her son's legal problems, she has been his defense saying that he is not angry, just misunderstood and occasionally guarded.

Johnson is not being the role model his parents were to him. It seems as if he hates women, but Johnson had a nurturing, caring mother and his father was not abusive. Where did he learn all these outlandish behaviors come from...aside from the boozing at the club? His actions are very disturbing with the frequency in violence against women. One would think that kicking the shit out of guys all day playing pro football is enough to release whatever frustrations one may have. I just don't get it.

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Brett Favre's family has a Blog Right here on Blogger


His Wife Deanna has a few things to say about the Nasty Media(which i assume is the NY Media as well as the Green Bay Media)


by TJ Rosenthal for Football Reporters Online

The Jets saved their season by pulling out a last minute win against what was on paper, an undermanned KC Chiefs team Sunday.  While former Jet and now Miami Dolphin signal caller Chad Pennington was throwing for 300 yards against the first place Bills, Favre was at times throwing science experiments into the air, just to see what would happen. What happened as a result was a game that was too close for comfort.  None of his three interceptions were as costly as the final one, that was returned 91 yards for a TD and a Chiefs 24-21 lead with under 8 to play. The Jets were driving and in the red zone, looking to go up two scores and essentially put the game away.

Instead the returned interception left the Jets with their backs against the wall, having to play come from behind at home against a 1-5 team without Larry Johnson and their two top QB's Brodie Croyle and Damon Huard. It was a game that for a major part of it, was controlled by the tempo of the Chiefs offense and third string QB Tyler Thigpen (25-36 280 yds 2 tds) whose outstanding game management trumped Favre's for much of yesterday.

This all until the final Jet drive. A 60 yard drive that ended in a Laverneus Coles TD with just over a minute to play. A drive where the Jets were focused and in control.  Now for the Jets to get to the post season, they'll have to stop playing down to the level of their opponents. Or as LB David Bowens said best after the win "We've got to respect everybody. It just seemed like we didn't give them any respect. I don't know if it was their record or what, but whatever it was we just came out flat..We didn't play  the way we practiced. We practiced hard all week." The Jets couldn't get it going in Oakland last week and didn't escape. They did the same thing at home yesterday and barely escaped.

Yet escape they did. To a 4-3 record and a chance to tie the Bills (5-2 and in a first place tie with the Patriots)  when they face them in Orchard Park next Sunday. A loss would have been devastating , emotionally and reaslistically. 3-4 after having come out of a soft part of the schedule would have been too much to overcome the rest of the way. So the Jets buy themselves more time. More time for Brett Fave to get acclimated. More time to find ways to incorporate Leon Washington, who broke away for a big TD out of the backfield, into the offense. More time for this defense to continue to gel as they have, especially against the run.
4-3 and only one game behind the Bills and Pats still leaves the Jets in position to make something of themselves. A franchise notorious for blowing the game BEFORE the big game fought off it's worst historic habit yesterday. They got the W. Now the story moves on to Buffalo.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Terrell Suggs gets warned abotu 'bounty' comment

As expected, Terrell Suggs' comments about the Ravens having a "bounty" out for Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward have drawn some attention from the league office.

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Cowboys Overcome Shaky QB, Beat Bucs 13 - 9

Brad Johnson's aim was off and the boo's were roaring at Texas Stadium. Somehow, the Dallas Cowboys pulled out of their midseason slump anyway. Johnson made up for several missed chances at touchdowns by throwing one to newcomer Roy Williams at the end of a drive sustained by four defensive penalties, and the much-maligned Dallas defense held up.

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Mike Singletary Is Already My Favorite Coach

Gotta love Samurai Mike. This is the press conference after his first game today, a loss at home to the dreadful Seattle Seahawks. Dude even benched Vernon Davis and sent him to the locker room during the game. This is one of hopefully many rants to come from the Hall of Fame linebacker and new head coach of the 49ers.

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Sunday Scoops: NFL suspensions; Plaxico benched

The New Orleans Saints, who have three players facing four-game suspensions due to testing positive for water pills, aren't the only team feeling the heat of possibly losing multiple Pro Bowlers.

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Mike Singletary Press Conference After Loss To Seahawks

Saying that he wanted players who wanted to win, new interim San Francisco 49ers Head Coach Mike Singletary gave a passioned post-game press conference after a game which saw the replacement for fired Head Coach Mike Nolan not only bench Tight End Vernon Davis but ordered him to the locker room for his reaction after a costly personal foul penalty.

I liked what Mike did, but I think it should be done behind closed doors.

Giants outlast Steelers

This year is the 50th anniversary of the Giants loss to the Colts in the 1958 Title game. The Giants just completed a game with a victory that will eventually take it's place in the annals of history as one of the best regular season games ever to be played, miscues and all. It was truly a back and forth battle that saw The Giants PK John Carney(no relation to Art) boot 4 Field Goals and the Xtra Point after the winning TD. The Giants also Took 4 Interceptions away from the Steelers and Big Ben Roethlisberger, including the Steelers final offensive play of the game. The Giants defense also tallied 5 sacks and 9 Knockdowns on Big Ben. It was truly a clash of Titans, of 1 loss teams, and had been billed as a possible preview of Superbowl 43. While NY still does not look as "super" as they did in January but careful observers will tall you that Good teams find a way to win, and today, with the Steelers managing to slow the Giants offense and keep them out of the endzone until late in the game, the Giants Defense stepped up once again.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Watch NFL : Watch Tennessee Titans vs. Indianapolis live

The Tennessee Titans (6-0-0, 1st AFC South) are the last undefeated team left standing in the NFL, having ridden the wave of a strong running game and suffocating defense to the top of the league hierarchy. Titans have been awesome this year after taking down the six teams including Jacksonville (week1), Cincinnati (week 2), Houston (week 3)

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NFL's Love Affair with Europe Continues

The NFL keeps sending games to Europe, but for what purpose?

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Rodgers vs Favre: Right move, right time

A comparison of Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre through the first part of the NFL season shows the Packers may have made the right choice to trade Favre while he still had value and let Rodgers take the reigns.

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Saints' Deuce McAllister Positive for Steroids

Fox 31 reported Friday the NFL has had a "rash" of positive tests under the league's policy regarding anabolic steroids and related substances. Citing a "highly-placed NFL source," the station reported that there have been as many as 10 positive tests, resulting from players taking water pills in an effort to lose weight.

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NFL: Rash of Positive Tests under Steroid Policy

There has been a “rash of positive tests under the steroid policy as a result of players taking water pills to lose weight," a highly-placed NFL source said. “There are about six to ten overall positive tests. Three to four of them are from the Saints organization alone including McAllister and Smith."

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SF Prop H Will Bring A Plan To Use "Clean Energy" By 2040.

http://www.sfcleanenergy.com - PG&E tells people that voting "Yes on H" will cause San Francisco to buy the PG&E grid. THAT'S BULL! All voting "Yes" on Proposition H will do is set San Francisco on a long term plan for the use of clean energy sources by the year 2040; it's not even 2010. What's PG&E scared of?

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jets Left it on the Field

Jets left it on the field By TJ Rosenthal for Football Reporters Online

The Jets invented yet another way to blow a game Sunday. This, coming in the form of a clumsy tight end. Not even the legendary Bret Favre, who has been pedestrian for much of this season, or shall we say has turned into a Jet, could rescue them. Favre's brilliant last minute heroics, highlighted by his patented escape from a game ending sack in his own end zone, set the Jet's up for a last second FG. The first 52-yard attempt by Jay Feely (former 2nd round pick Mike Nugent's injury replacement. Second round? Thanks a lot Terry Bradway, for wasting an early round pick on a kicker in '05, then stepping down as GM) hit the left upright. Yet, thanks to a Raider time out, you know the one where the coach calls it RIGHT before the kicker lets loose? That ploy is starting to backfire a lot now throughout the league, giving the kicker a chance at redemption. Yesterday, the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets got a second chance. Moments later..Bang!! Right through. Game tied. Heading for Overtime.

Thus setting Jet fans up for yet another head between the seats crash landing destined for oblivion. A heartbreaking loss was sure to be on the way. The question was, how? The moment came halfway through OT. Favre, avoiding the determined yet tiring Raider rush, stepped up in the pocket to find a wide-open Chris Baker at the Raider 35. With a catch Baker may have found five to ten yards of running room thus leaving the Jets with a first down and within 45-yard FG range. Instead, Baker seemingly tripped on a yard line. All by himself. Didn't need anyone's help to do it. Falling helplessly to the ground, the ball and the Jets chance at stealing the win sailed past him. Soon a punt ended the drive. You can't fault Baker. He's a career Jet. For six years the Gang Green disease has built up around him. Rearing its ugly head yesterday as the opportunity to keep pace with the 5-1 Bills came and went in a flash.

Minutes later, Sebastian Janikowski brought his monster leg onto the field to bury a monster field goal that was kicked from Mars and had enough to make it to Mercury. In the end, it was the Same Old Jets. The faces change; the final chapter is the same. A winnable game against a beatable team followed by a gut wrenching loss. Now 3-3, the Jets find themselves in a familiar place. Desperate for a win before Halloween even gets here.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Terry Tate has a Painful Message for Sarah Palin

Wow. Well, I gotta admit it's a bit too harsh, but it's one of those train wrecks you can't help watching. But that's no way to treat a lady.

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Niners Fire Nolan

The San Francisco 49ers fired coach Mike Nolan on Monday.

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Running back investigated for spitting drink in woman's face

Chiefs running back Larry Johnson is being investigated for spitting a drink in a woman's face at a nightclub during the Chiefs' bye week.

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Pat's Rodney Harrison Has Season-Ending Injury

The veteran New England Patriots safety has been diagnosed with a torn quadriceps muscle in his right leg and will not play again this season, his 15th in the NFL.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Adam "Pacman" Jones Suspended "At Least" 4 Games

Cowboys cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones has been suspended for at least the next four games of Dallas' season for his most recent violation of the league's personal conduct policy., the NFL announced Tuesday.

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Some Super Bowl Tickets Selling for $1,000 for First Time

The NFL confirmed Thursday that 25 percent of the tickets for the Feb. 1 game in Tampa will be priced at $1,000. It also announced it will drop the price of 1,000 tickets at Raymond James Stadium by $200 to $500, the first time the league has cut prices for a Super Bowl.

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Pacman Jones weighing alcohol treatment plans

Adam 'Pacman' Jones is considering options for treatment for his alcohol use, a source told ESPN.

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Master Chief And Optimus Prime Are Saints Fanboys

When you have Optimus Prime AND Master Chief cheering from the Superdome, is there really any doubt which team is superior? I have to give it to the New Orleans Saints' fans, they've got great taste and a whole lotta free time. They look fantastic. We're just one T2 silver unitard away from the best fan base ever, full pics below.

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Tom Brady updates fans about his knee

Tom Brady has been doing his best D.B. Cooper impersonation since suffering a season-ending knee injury. But the New England Patriots quarterback has posted an open letter to his fans on www.TomBrady.com. Here's the message in full:

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Favre Denies Sharing Information to Sabotage Packers

Cornerback Charles Woodson says that if a media report indicating that Brett Favre shared inside knowledge of the Green Bay Packers’ offense with Detroit Lions coaches is true, it’s nothing short of sabotage. Has one of the most beloved players in Packers history become Benedict Brett?

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Pimp & Circumstance

Pimp & Circumstance

By Michael – Louis Ingram

BASN & Football Reporters Online

A Tale of Two Packers: On August 7, Green Bay Packer quarterback Brett Favre was traded to the New York Jets.

Upon release of this information in the Big Apple, Favre’s new #4 New York Jet jerseys were as abundant as bratwursts on game day at Lambeau Field.

According to area sources, 3200 pieces sold in less than a day – at $80 a pop.

A few days earlier, another former Packer, Herb Adderley, received his monthly pension check from the Players’ Union – in the amount of $126.85.

Adderley, a five time Pro Bowl selection, eight time All – Pro selection, three – time Super Bowl winner, member of the National Football League’s All – Decade team of the 1960s, and, in a survey done by The Sporting News ranked at the turn of the century as #45 out of the 100 greatest players to ever play the game, made less in his entire illustrious career (1961 – 1972) than the revenue earned in a few hours over the Internet.

While you digest the probability of this feat meaning progress, think about a man who sees his name in the Ring of Honor at Lambeau Field, but can’t see making it through his future at a level far below the quality of life he should be entitled to.

Bernard Parrish was a contemporary of Adderley’s, playing from 1959 - 1966, winning a world championship with the 1964 Cleveland Browns. “That was a big deal, winning the championship,” said Parrish, over the phone from Washington, D.C. “My winners’ share from that pool was $8,000.”

Parrish, who also garnered two Pro Bowl selections, revealed the game was not the afterthought it seems to be in the modern era. “Winning mattered. If you were on the winning side, you got $1500 a man, the losers got $750.

“In 1960, that had some weight. In 2008, that’s about a year’s worth of pension.”

Parrish, now 72 years old, spearheaded a class action suit (along with Adderley) against the NFL Players’ Association (NFLPA) and their marketing arm, Players, Inc. in 2007; and the gavel is about to drop on adjudication on October 20. The amount being sought for Parrish, Adderley and about 3500 other former pro players is $100 million dollars.

“The NFL makes $7.1 billion dollars a year – almost three million more than Major League Baseball – yet baseball seems to have found a way to take care of the older players with a tad more fairness than us,” said Parrish. When asked about the largest salary he made as a player, he said, “I was considered one of the best cornerbacks in the league early on – and I made $26,000 a season.”

It has been said by this writer and other BASN writers that the pittance laid out by New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and head coach Bill Belichick of $750,000 for their corruption of football in the aftermath of the SpyGate scandal didn’t even manifest to a slap on the wrist as far as a deterrent was concerned.

However, when you take into consideration that there are at least five NFL franchises worth over a billion dollars in a depressed market such as this, one hundred million ultimately adds up to what these players probably should have received over the same time period, if you consider major medical, maintenance, long – term disability, and coverage for widows and children.

Anyone who drives a car or owns / rents a home pays some kind of insurance. You also know insurance companies love to take cash in, but hate paying out.

Management vs. Labor

In many ways, several aspects of this suit amount to what is a workers’ compensation issue.

So that we can give this as impartial and objective a look as possible, we’re going to go Sports MCs on this one; this time, our senior member, Mr. Finley “Doc” Pinkard will flex on behalf on what management’s argument could be while DJ Hunnycomb will attempt to lay the lumber down on behalf of the players.

I will further state that Doc is eminently qualified to speak on this, having over 28 years experience in banking and finance.

Doc: Okay -- now you have to consider this as one layer off of a very large onion. Players from 50 years back were making less money back then, but so was everyone else. Given what a dollar was worth, you can argue some players were doing a lot better than most back in the day.

If we go back to the “Greatest Game” of the Colts vs. Giants, it was the breakthrough game for pro football’s ascendance as a major spectator sport. After that game, we got games on free television on those black and white sets in the early 1960s.

Owners of teams at this time weren’t adding television revenue from football into the equation, so that didn’t factor into player’s contracts either. Whatever salary was made was determined by drawing power and the overall success of the team.

HC: I’ll grant you that, but you just made my argument on one important aspect of this: COLA – the cost of living allowance. Part of the reality leading up to this suit is due to those players not being given benefits that account for inflationary variables. How does $25,000 spend 50 years later? Unless it was saved and accrued interest, it can’t even come close.

Doc: Well, I can say honestly that there was a time when I had bang for my buck as a younger working guy than later in life. I had an apartment just off Central Park West, paying $225 a month in rent. I was earning $12,000 a year and had money in the bank.

At another point as I got older I had more than tripled my salary, but had even less to show for it than when I was younger.

Back when a lot of these cats played, a Cadillac Coupe de Ville cost $4,000; and a Jaguar XKE right out of the showroom was $7,000. You could buy a house for next to nothing; now $250,000 might buy you a raggedy house in New York City…

HC: Which means the inflationary slope has affected these guys, too!

Doc: But you have to also ask them what did they do with their money? How did they spend it or invest it, if at all?

HC: Which bumps us back to the insurance thing; there is nothing crueler than being subjected to hospital tests that you know were connected to your playing days, only to have a team physician or your own doctor tell you they can’t help you because your insurance doesn’t cover the disability.

Doc: Yeah – but you need to remember medical care has jumped light speed over what was done fifty years ago. You couldn’t ‘scope a knee; if you got cut at the knee, you were lucky if you ended up walking with a cane. Cat scans, MRIs, “Tommy John” surgery, hell, any kind of surgery.

No one could attribute what other dangers there were with soft tissue damage; and the connection with concussions weren’t even a major cause for discussion until the 1990s.

What the real cruelty is if say an Earl Campbell played now, his career probably would last but two or three years, given his running style. With the size, strength, added bulk whether chemically or naturally of modern players, Campbell today running the way he did would make him Christian Okoye; and he wouldn’t have put in enough time to qualify for a pension.

HC: Perhaps – but he would have a serious legal leg to stand on in a lot of video evidence attesting to his line of work; there would be no way any club could weasel out of their medical commitment to a guy who attracted collisions like Magneto manipulated metal objects.

You look at Campbell’s battered body and he’s just one clear example. What about all the others whose problems weren’t immediately evident? Do they get penalized because of the lack of medical knowledge?

If someone like a Brent Boyd, Conrad Dobler or Carl Eller had migraines and severe headaches years after their playing careers were done and nothing in their family medical history would indicate otherwise, the only way they could have acquired this condition would be from their previous vocation of playing a collision sport like football.

So now we’ve caught up medically and everyone knows what they might have, but they still can’t get help because they’re getting screwed by management.

Doc: Hey, my brother – that’s how it goes. Unless I have proof, as management, my job is to keep operating costs down. That’s why I would want this to come down to arbitration; whatever amount settled on would be a more thought out plan than anything labor could offer.

HC: I don’t think so. Arbitration would work for you, but not necessarily for the rank and file. There was a reason why unions were fought against, especially after Brother Parrish tried to form one among the players soon after the AFL – NFL merger.

These cats weren’t puppets, they knew playing ball was a job; and a job that came with great perks but also should have benefits like most workers did. Glamorizing these cats with sound bites and celluloid from the halcyon days is not paying their rent – or medication, or health care. I mean if baseball is trying to take care of their people, why not football?

Doc: That’s a whole ‘nother thing, Mike. Look – what’s the worst injury you can get in baseball? Someone throws at your head. How many people have died in baseball from injuries on the field?

So compare that with football, a collision sport. Different priorities from an insurance standpoint – different costs, too; as in a lot cheaper.

A doctor could argue injuries sustained from a post – football career could be from wear and tear on the body. On an individual case – by – case basis, the players might win some; but I bet you they’d lose a lot more.

HC: I can see where it would be easier to care for baseball players in that regard; but a user – pay system as health insurance for football players is like having no insurance at all.

If you are having annual checkups and everything’s all good, no problem; it will even pick up minor shit like Tony Romo’s owwie on his pinky;

Doc: (laughs) Don’t get me started on that boy cryin’ like a bitch about his pinkie!

HC: (laughing) But this is no joke – when the situation calls for potential long – term disability, these jokers look to find a way out of their agreement; you know this! You were in the business…

Doc: Well, the point of our discussion was to give management’s take on it, right? I’m not saying your argument isn’t valid; in the final analysis, it’s going to be about determining a proper adjustment rate for a pro – rated cost of living allowance; and possibly, restructuring of the pensions of the players.

One thing of which we both agree – no matter what is said, this is truth; these early players – the old – school cats – they built this game and allowed these young knuckleheads making all this money now to prosper.

HC: Damn Skippy! Just like everybody should be breakin’ off something to Curt Flood’s family, these guys need to catch a break and get some of what they helped build.

One area where the old rank – and – file could get some justice is in the actions of the NFLPA and Players Inc.; using their exclusive representation of NFL players to generate hundreds of millions of dollars through group licensing agreements (GLA’s).

But none of the players who have filed suit have received any of this money; and active players have only received 31%. The NFLPA and Players Inc., which have both been run by the same group of executives, have kept the remaining 69%. Through this lawsuit retired players are seeking their fair share of group licensing revenue.

If a company like Electronic Arts (EA Sports) is using likenesses of players who were playing long before permission to use an image became a codicil to a contract, then it will be a tremendous challenge for NFLPA and Players, Inc. to bullshit their way out of that.

The trial is set to begin on October 20, 2008, in San Francisco in district court.
BASN & FRO will keep you posted with interviews from some of the players whose voices will finally be heard during and after the trial’s conclusion.

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