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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Be a Man Johnson!

Be a Man Johnson

October 27, 2008

By Slavica Milosevska for Football Reporters Online

The Kansas City Chiefs have concluded that RB Larry Johnson will not participate in foreknown future after being charged with non-aggravated assault for spiting his drink in a 24-year old woman's face at The Blonde, a Kansas City nightclub, on October 10th. The woman claims Johnson repeatedly threatened to kill her boyfriend and spit at her three times again while being escorted out. This is the fourth case where Johnson allegedly assaulted a woman. Johnson was already out the last two games for breaking team rules and was teetering a suspension from the NFL. If suspended, the Chiefs may refuse to pay $5.5 million in guaranteed bonuses.

A serious issue is Johnson's past “reported” abuse towards woman, and remember, “reported” could mean more situations not on the record. In 2003, a felony aggravated assault and misdemeanor domestic battery for waving a gun in his home while arguing with his ex-girlfriend were dropped because of an agreement to enroll in a domestic violence program. Then in 2005, there was an accusation of throwing a woman to the ground, but again the case was dropped because on three separate hearings, the victim did not to appear in court. Then while awaiting his December 3rd court appearance for pushing a woman's head to the floor on February 24th, facing a six month maximum sentence and a $500 fine, he is now charged with a simple municipal assault charge.

Johnson stated in a recent public apology, “This is the first time in my life I actually had to stand up, I mean actually woke up and kind of be disgusted with myself and disgusted as far as the way my life and my career is heading right now. In times of darkness, you’ve got to look for the light and that’s what I plan on doing, regardless of what suspensions and fines are being handed down. I will take them as sincerely as they give them out.”

One would question, did this man have a rough childhood? According to the two-time Pro Bowl player, family has been very supportive. Academics and athletics were emphasized, and he believes his parents and two younger siblings helped him excel to attain his goals. Johnson has said that his father, Larry Sr., a Penn State Football Coach, is his best friend and that they are very close. His mother, Christine, an educator, is extraordinarily pleasant. Since her son's legal problems, she has been on his defense saying that he is not angry, just misunderstood and occasionally guarded.

In 2005, with the inspiration of his upbringing, Johnson founded the LJ’s Legacy & Growth Youth Foundation to create positive thinking, behavior and attitudes for self image and be a positive role model like his parents. Christine is part of the Professional Football Players Mothers' Association (PFPMA). She is hosting their donation event “Tackling Hunger” in State College, Pennsylvania on November 21st. Since her son's legal problems, she has been his defense saying that he is not angry, just misunderstood and occasionally guarded.

Johnson is not being the role model his parents were to him. It seems as if he hates women, but Johnson had a nurturing, caring mother and his father was not abusive. Where did he learn all these outlandish behaviors come from...aside from the boozing at the club? His actions are very disturbing with the frequency in violence against women. One would think that kicking the shit out of guys all day playing pro football is enough to release whatever frustrations one may have. I just don't get it.

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