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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

NFL Suspends Miami Dolphins RB Ricky Williams For One Year

I listened to the news on ESPN. I feel sorry for Williams, as it wasn't for smoking anything, and it seems as if someone tried to get him in trouble. It also seems as if there's a kind of vendetta going on against sports agent Leigh Steinberg. First he looses Matt Leinart and after a questionable turn of events that the NFL Players Association seems blind to look into, now this.

NEW YORK Apr 25, 2006 (AP and ABC) -- Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams was suspended for the 2006 season by the NFL on Tuesday for violating the league's substance abuse policy for the fourth time.

The league announced the suspension after Williams' appeal of a his latest positive drug test was denied. Williams met with NFL counsel Jeff Pash on April 10 in an attempt to have the league overturn the test.

Previous positive tests were for marijuana, which Williams acknowledged using. The latest test apparently involved a drug other than marijuana.

Williams retired and sat out the 2004 season, but returned last year to play for new Miami coach Nick Saban.

Before being allowed to return, Williams served a four-game suspension at the start of the season for his third violation of the drug program. He ran for 743 yards and averaged 4.4 yards a carry while sharing playing time with rookie Ronnie Brown.


footballsuperfan said...

I can't believe that someone is actually thinking that someone else is responsible for "setting Ricky up". "Togetherness" of gender, color, religion, or faith, is being carried too far.
Get real people......this guy, while not acting like a responsible adult, has the experience and years to qualify as an adult, in making adult decisions.
The NFL, realizing the sensitivity of the entire issue, no doubt explored every possible answer before they made their decision. Now, Ricky Willaims, and his supporters can take a break from their "tokes", and start an email campaign saying that it's someone else's fault, and that there is a "plot" against poor Ricky, or even his agent.
By the time you weak backed supporters read this, it will be time to take a break from your biased thinking, and fire off another email....

footballsuperfan said...

I can't believe it-I can't believe it......All Ricky Williams supporters that are now trying to "spin" his latest problem into a "plot" to keep Ricky down, and blame other people for his problems. It makes no difference, as to faith, religion, color, or whether or not you like his hair style......you people are going to put your "bongs" down long enough to blame someone else, and question an "evil plot" against poor Ricky.
I would have more "respect" for Ricky and his "partners in crime" if he said...."I screwed up & deserve it", because "I knew better". However, if he were to do this, his "fellow tokers" would not have to "take a break" and fire off emails blaming other people for Ricky's situation.
Get real people.....Ricky is an adult, makes his own bed, makes his own decisions, and he can no longer use the public to "pay his over due bills".....the NFL recognizes this, and has had enough. Oh yeah, I didn't even get into the issue of the message being sent to the youth of this country. As long as this is being tolorated, it's no wonder that certain youth view "sports" as a quick buck, with all kinds of safety nets, while the rest of us continue to "pay their bills", and support benefits through our tax system.

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