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Saturday, June 25, 2016

BREXIT THE MOVIE - FULL FILM - Martin Durkin Crowdfunded Documentary

BREXIT THE MOVIE - FULL FILM - Martin Durkin Crowdfunded Documentary
PLEASE JOIN BRITAIN IN FIGHTING THE EU. SIGN AND SHARE NEW CHANGE.ORG PETITION LINK BELOW: http://ift.tt/28SQ5Xn ALSO FEEL FREE TO SHARE VIDEO LINKS ETC ON YOUR OWN SOCIAL MEDIA. BEST WISHES, K x. Excellent crowd-funded documentary by Martin Durkin on the European Union, how the EU affects Britain and also looks to the consequences of a vote-leave outcome. A solid, legitimate argument for Brexit. Official 'Brexit The Movie' links: # Official Website # - http://ift.tt/1s2LQjI # Facebook # - http://ift.tt/1T8NKdz # Twitter # - https://twitter.com/brexitthemovie -- Personal Links: #Website # - http://www.monews.co.uk # Facebook # - http://ift.tt/27FpeXk # Twitter # - https://twitter.com/KevinAnth -- ## My open letter to the British people regarding the decision they will make on June 23rd Referendum ## "June 23rd is an important day in that we will finally have a say on our EU membership. There are so many points I want to cover, especially in response to the misinformation and misguided arguments reported by the media. However, for me, the referendum is really only about one thing - our Sovereignty. Sovereignty is defined as “the full right and power of a governing body to govern itself without any interference from outside sources or bodies” - Wikipedia. Currently, the EU makes around 60% of our laws. Laws that affect us, and yet we have no influence on them whatsoever. A good example of how little say we have on our own affairs is David Cameron’s recent failure of to renegotiate some basic terms with the EU on our behalf. Yes, prior to setting a referendum date, our own democratically elected British Prime Minister attempted to negotiate a better deal for Britain and the EU rejected our requests. So again, I will take this opportunity to focus on just one single concern. The single most important issue of this referendum. The answer to a question that is fundamental to our future and the many generations who will inherit our decision. Do we the British people want to be self-governing, or do we want to be governed by the European Union? Please be aware that a vote to remain will most certainly signal the final and irreversible surrender of our sovereignty to the EU, and with it, end our fundamental right to determine our own destiny. Yet, Vote Leave, and we will continue to be an integral part of Europe whilst also re-gaining the right to exclusively govern our own affairs. A vote to leave is a positive step forward into freedom and self-governance, so let’s make June 23rd our Independence Day. Cllr. K Carroll"
via YouTube http://youtu.be/44YTTyQKyJQ


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