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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Oakland Raiders Las Vegas NFL Stadium Has Major FAA Airport Problem

Oakland Raiders Las Vegas NFL Stadium Has Major FAA Airport Problem
Mark Davis, the Oakland Raiders Owner, has been on a mission to show that he wants to relocate his football team away from it's spritual home in Oakland and to Las Vegas. On top of the fiscal, legal, and moral issues that come into play, there's another one: the Federal Aviation Administration. Davis and his friends, and those in the Las Vegas and Los Angeles media, have worked to paint a picture that a Las Vegas move is easy and that the Sin City is more desirable for the Silver and Black than its birthplace: Oakland. But in crafting this idea, they have left out a lot of details. One large one is that the currently favored site is so close to the runways at Las Vegas International Airport that it might as well be sitting on one of them. As the photo here shows, the land has a "runway protection zone" where nothing can be built on that part of the land that attracts wildlife - a tailgate area like what Davis wants draws birds. So, seven acres of parking of the kind called for for the stadium will certainly draw wildlife. On top of that, there's the issue of height - the stadium with a retractable roof will be almost 300-feet high. That would place it at the extreme end of the property and push the parking toward the runway. And then there's the issue of how communications and phone jamming devices that may be used for a large scale event will interract with the avionics of an airplane. Yep. It's one thing for a consultant to say the land is OK - it was paid by UNLV. But the FAA has yet to weigh in and from this study photo, the outcome doesn't look good. Stay tuned.
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