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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Denver Broncos yellow throwback jerseys not well received

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I know it's the 50th anniversary of the AFL, part of the two football leagues AFL and NFL that merged to form the National Football League in 1970, but some are wondering why today we have to be subjected to the authentic AFL team jerseys, even if they look sick and I don't mean that in a good way.

Broncos's QB Kyle Orton and Head Coach Josh McDaniel

Take the Denver Broncos' throwback jerseys worm today in their game against the New England Patriots. Even though the Broncos' won in overtime 20 to 17, it could have only happened because the Patriots wore their throwback uniforms, to a time when the Pats were the laughing stock of the league. Without that, the Broncos' throwback dress should be tossed in the broom closet and used only for Halloween.

I love what Larry Brown wrote over at his blog "Larry Brown Sports":

The Broncos are sporting those hideous yellow and brown uniforms that have to be amongst the ugliest NFL uniforms I’ve ever seen — and that’s coming from a Bengals fan. The story has it that the reason the Broncos had those colors is because their original owner was cheap and wanted a uniform that could be worn both at home on the road. He got his wish. He also pained the eyes of everyone in Colorado.



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