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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Michael Crabtree | Crabtree called "idiot" by ex-Patriot Rodney Harrison

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(Note: Michael Crabtree says that Deon Sanders is one of his mentors in my video above from this year's NFL Draft in New York. )

The latest opinion to come in regarding former Texas Tech wide receiver Michael Crabtree's decision to delay signing as the 10th pick in the NFL Draft with the San Francisco 49ers has the impact of a Rodney Harrison hit.

Crabtree should watch out for old #37

That should be no surprise as the comment comes from Rodney Harrison himself. It was reported just an hour ago before this blog that Harrison delivered the verbal hit while being interviewed on ESPN Radio in Philadelphia according to USA Today.

Harrison said:

"He's the biggest idiot I've ever see in the National Football League. I would have to put Ryan Leaf (Harrison's former teammate) and him as the two biggest idiots that ever played in the NFL... How coud you turn down close to $20 million guaranteed?"

Then Harrison basically teed-off on Crabtree on the former New England Patriot's Twitter page:

# I saw so many guys like a Ronnie Lott and such who never made this type of money and you're holding out for more then $20mil guaranteed?about 4 hours ago from web

# @Zach_Poole Then he should beat up his agent, because if he's not promising you that he will get you that #20mil next year, you're a fool.about 4 hours ago from web in reply to Zach_Poole

# If you want more money, play the rookie contract, and then get more money... prove you deserve it. You haven't done anything in the NFL yet.about 4 hours ago from web

# i don't know where gets his advices from but how can you turn down close to $20 million guaranteed?and you get it before even playing in NFLabout 4 hours ago from web

When I talked to Crabtree at the NFL Draft he told me that Deon Sanders was one of the people who mentors him. I wonder what PrimeTime's telling him to do now?

Stay tuned.


rakeback said...

Its going to take him 6-8 weeks just to catch with everything he missed, so this will essentially be a lost year. He basically got the same money he was offered initially, what a waste of time!

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