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Sunday, October 29, 2006

ESPN's Michael Irvin Take High Road On Tiki Barber's Comments

Last week, New York Giants Running Back Tiki Barber responded to Michael Irvin's assertion that Tiki Barber's a quitter by calling him an "idiot" on his radio show.

Given the chance to talk back on national television, the energetic Irvin took the high road, stating that his views were just that.

I say, good for Michael Irvin for, in one swoop of his tongue, effectively ending an unfortunate and immature feud.


draftnik said...

Who is Mike Irvin to comment on Tiki Barber??
He had to take the high road because he put his foot in his mouth when he called Barber a "Quitter" on National TV

Anonymous said...

You missed the point draftnik. Michael did NOT have to take the high road. He could have stooped to Barber's level and let the name-calling continue. But, as the true colors are revealed, Michael chose NOT to be childish and resort to name-calling.

Tiki should tuck his skirt in, and shut his mouth.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with what the cat said! Michael Irvin is entitled to his opinion as a journalist! Tiki is being very childish in his comments about Michael, which questions (in my opinion) whether he is ready for a top journalist job. When Tiki becomes a high profile journalist, let's see what he has to say about others. Lots of comments were made about him quitting. Some good, some bad. More good than bad and that shouldn't cause him to call Micheal, Tom or anyone else an idiots just because of their views.

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