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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Terrell Owens Suicide Attempt - Where's Felicia Terrell Owens?

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The story of Terrell Owens is one of not just a talented, but outspoken wide receiver, but of a case example of bad sports journalism in an era that's rampant with it. The Dallas Cowboys wide receiver is commonly the focus of stories on what he said or what someone said about him, but far less frequently do we hear about his love life.

It's almost assumed that because he's a successful athlete, he has a good one. There are stories about him with Ford Agency Model Felicia Terrell Owens, and reports that he's going to marry her. But who is she? Do they live together? Are they happy? The assumption -- by the lack of coverage -- is they must be.

But that's not necessarily true. I know this for a fact.

My cousin is the late running back Fred Lane, Jr. Fred played for both the Carolina Panthers and the Indianpolis Colts. During the growth of his career in the NFL, his parent, my uncle and aunt Fred and Mary, warned him about picking the right woman because many would be after his money. They were particularly concerned about his choice of woman to first date and then eventually marry. That woman's name is Diedra Lane.

As it turned out, Diedra shot and killed Fred Jr. in an attempt to get his insurance money that failed. And just a year later she was arrested for attempting to rob a bank.

No one has written anything of substance about Terrell's girlfriend and supposedly his future wife, who's pictured here, other than she's a model. How did they meet? How did he propose to her? Where was she when he was taking these pills? Why was his publicist -- Kim Etheridge -- the woman making the call to police and not Felicia? Is Felicia the cause of his depression? You know that other sportswriters will focus on the idea that Terrell was expressive to hide depression. I don't buy that. Someone should find and talk to Felicia and find out what's going on.

At a time where it seems everyone wants to know something about anyone, it's really weird that when it comes to the black male athete, little is written about their love life. Think about it. Guys like Terrell Owens and Donovan McNabb are in the media eye, but for some strange reason never the focus of articles on who they're married to or dating. I have to turn to a hip-hop website to learn that Ravens Linebacker Ray Lewis was dating pop-star TLC's "Chilli" Thomas.

This lack of love life coverage is not true for Arizona Cardinals Running Back Matt Leinart, for example. The press follows his love life all too often. This is also true for A.J. Hawk, the rookie linebacker for the Green Bay Packers, who just married Brady Quinn's sister.


Ok, in retrospect, we don't read about athlete's love lives as much in general. Look in deep in Terrell's depression, and I'll bet Felicia pops up somewhere, and that's too bad. It's always said that behind every great man, there's a woman. Terrell's reportedly best woman -- he said this to ESPN -- was his late grandmother. Who's there now?


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