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Friday, September 29, 2006

Terrell Owens - 911 Call Listed On ESPN Does Not Use "Suicide" Term - Dallas Police Should Appologize

This is a transcript of the 911 call Terrell Owens publicist made to Dallas Police and posted at ESPN.com. Note that she does not say he's trying to kill himself or that he was attempting suicide. The Dallas Police have made disparaging remarks about Terrell Owens in the aftermath of this incident. Considering the nature of the event, they should appologize to Terrell Owens.

DALLAS -- A transcript of the 41-second call from Terrell Owens' publicist Kim Etheredge to 911 on Tuesday night:

Kim Etheredge: "Hi, I have an emergency please."

911 operator: "You need the police out there?"

Etheredge: "I need an ambulance please."

911 operator: "Let me give you the paramedics."

Etheredge: "Thank you."

911 operator: "Stay on the line."

Paramedic: (Garbled) "Dallas Fire."

Etheredge: "Hi. Hi I need an ambulance please, immediately."

Paramedic: "OK. What's your address?"

Etheredge: (gives address, crying)

Paramedic: "What's wrong?"

Etheredge: "I think he took too many pills. Please. Now. (Garbled) What do I do if the pills are down the throat?"

Paramedic: "OK. What's your phone number? We are already on the way now, ma'am. What's your phone number?"

Etheredge: "Oh God!"

Paramedic: "What's your phone number?"

Etheredge: (Deleted)

Paramedic: "Is that 214?"

Etheredge: "Yes."

Paramedic: "OK. Is he still breathing?"

Etheredge: "Yes."

Paramedic: "OK, we're on the way there, ma'am."

Etheredge: "Thank you. Thank you."


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