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Monday, September 11, 2006

Raiders Should Fire Offensive Coordinator Tom Walsh - First Shut-Out Since 1982

FLASH: "Greatness Of The Raiders" may come to an end this season.

I've said this before,...

I attended the ESPN Monday Night Football telecast of the game between the Oakland Raiders at the San Diego Chargers. The only thing more horrible than the performance of Raiders offense was the racist young blonde man sitting next to me in Section 239, Row 6, Seat 11, and who had an issue that I was even sitting next to him, placing his knee in my space several times until I asked him to stop. I could have had him ejected from the Oakland Coliseum, and someone should have done the same for Oakland Raiders Offensive Coordinator Tom Walsh.

All of the problems I pointed to weeks earlier were there in full view once again for all to see. The Raiders were clobbered 27 to nothing and at home.

The result was nine -- count them -- nine sacks and the first shut-out of the Oakland Raiders at home since 1982.

People will rag on Robert Gallery, but it's not his fault at all. It's the offensive coaching staff -- the 1960s and 1970s offense with its "retreat" pass blocking techniques just doesn't work at all.


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