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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

"Two Live Stews" - Atlanta's 790 Best NFL Program

When I visit my Mom in the Atlanta area, I always tune into AM 790 specifically to hear "The Two Live Stews" .

They're Doug Stewart and Ryan Stewart and are related by blood, and sound like they are. Doug and Ryan are not afraid to be themselves -- which may be "too black" for some -- but it's a formula that works in multicultural Atlanta and one that can work in other places as well.

Hey, they got an ESPY in 2004. What does that tell you?

Doug and Ryan are at their best on NFL Football, and have had some great interviews with many of the league's best including Michael Vick and LeVar Arrington. The Two Live Stews also use their show to talk about some of the issues of the day to the Government's response to Katrina to teenage prostitution. They're hard-hitting and honest in their views.

The Two Live Stews are a welcome formula, especially in a San Francisco Bay Area that suffers from the boaring and watered-down sports talk presented at KNBR. But the fact that they're on in Atlanta and there's no equal in the Bay Area says more positively about that part of America than the San Francisco Bay Area.

In my view, there's always been a weird fear of the expression of African American culture to a mainstream audience in the Bay Area. Someone would point to the fact that the black population here is smaller, but then they'd have to explain the popularity of rap out here as well.

The NFL season starts with The Two Live Stews, listen in!


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