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Friday, May 12, 2006

The Reggie Bush "Number 5" Issue

In my view there's not much to say about this. In my opinion, Reggie Bush should wear the number "25" and not "5." Yes, "5" was his college number and yes, it's the focus of his Subway campaign. But you know what, his marketing rep Mike Orenstein should have calculated this problem and planned for Reggie to have a campaign called "From 5 to 25: My Trip To The NFL"

...Say it's not too late to do that.


Yukon said...

Reggie Bush should NOT get 25. Fred McAfee has been wearing 25 for 16 years in the NFL league. And why should a piss-ass rookie come along and take a veterans number because he wants a number with a "5" in it. McAfee will probably be in the Saints Hall of Fame one day.(When have you heard of a seventh round "running back" draft pick staying in the NFL for 16 years...playing only on special team?) He started his career with the Saints and if the Sanits take away 25 from him, I will lose all respect for the team and the NFL organization.

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