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Thursday, May 18, 2006

NFL Should Pressure Federal Government On New Orleans Reconstruction Process

After almost one year, New Orleans is still a shaddow of it's former self. Many are still without jobs, housing , and heath care and many businesses that once thrived are either non-existent or struggling.

It's in this environment that the NFL's New Orleans Saints attempt to regrow their franchise. For all practical purposes, the Saints are an expansion team that's relocated to a city. Why do I say this? Because New Orleans itself has been altered by this disaster. Thus, the population of businesses once available to buy luxury boxes and sponsorships is no longer there.

All of this can be solved by the focused involvement of the Federal Government. But once can say that the Bush Administration has all but forgotten New Orleans. The region is not the focus of the President's televised actvities. This is important because where the President is seen, is where we as a people are conditioned to believe our resources are needed.

Rebuilding New Orleans successfully would be a sign of American resolve and know-how. Re-creating the city would restore a vital part of the soul of America. Having a place the Saints can not just survice in, but thrive in would be a wonderful development that would secure of the future of the NFL in that city.

The NFL should apply pressure to cause the Bush Administration to restore it's focus to New Orleans. Indeed, the NFL's probably the best organization to do this. It can via its United Way Commericials and special annoucements. The NFL, more than any other organization, can really change how the government treats New Orleans.

I hope the league takes its rightful leadership role.


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