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Friday, April 21, 2006

Reggie Bush Video - "Subway Fresh Buzz" / Bush Also Talks About National Championship Game

White his USC teammate Matt Leinart switches agents, the man many believe will be the first pick of the Houston Texans, running back Reggie Bush, made this video for a commercial campaign with Subway, the sandwich store retailer.

I found it on You Tube. Here's the video with Reggie sporting his famous "619" eye black code and dressed in white as if to imply that he's the angel of football. He's certainly going to be a savior for the running game of the team that gets him.

On his new blog, Bush credits Vince Young for the Texas win for USC for the national championship. He also gives some insite on his fumble after a 37-yard gain:

His blog's at http://www.subwayfreshbuzz.com

Regrets, as the song says, I've had a few. Who wouldn't when we came so close to three straight national championships, something that has never been done, only to come up a shade short last January in the Rose Bowl for the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) title?

Hey, give Texas credit. Vince Young had a phenomenal performance, specially on that last drive when he did it almost by himself moving the ball down the field on passes and scrambles and finally ran it into the end zone on a fourth down, last ditch effort that decided the outcome.

I didn't have that great a game against Texas, a lot of it due to the fact they were keying on me. They were obviously out to stop me. Other teams double-teamed me regularly, but not to the extent Texas did. I was shadowed the entire 60 minutes and never really got decent running lanes. There was always a defender in my face.

I was criticized for losing the ball in that game while trying to lateral it after catching a screen pass and moving deep into Texas territory. It came at a time when we were about to take control of the game. I made a couple of guys miss in the open field and then three Texas defenders converged to tackle me, and I thought I could make the play to Brad Walker, the wide receiver who was wide open to my right trailing the play. The pitch just didn't get to him, or else he dropped it. I couldn't see what happened because I had those white Longhorn jerseys all over me.

If I had it to do over again, I probably would have done the same thing because that's the type of player I am. I try things outside of the box, do things out of the ordinary. That's just me, the way I am. It happened to be one of those times it wasn't successful. I felt like I could make that play.

Toward the end of the Texas game, as the go-to guy, I would normally be on the field and it did bother me a little bit that I wasn't out there. Playmakers – and I like to consider myself in that category – like to perform when a game is on the line. But it wouldn't have been the right time for me to complain about it because of the game situation. And I've never been the type of person to be critical. of coaches' decisions. LenDale White was having a great game. So they decided to go to LenDale to get the job done because he'd been producing all afternoon. Short yardage, that's his strength. If he picks up the first down past midfield, it's all over because we would have run out the clock.

Why did Coach have LenDale out there while I watched, quiet but frustrated? That's how we played it all season. Whoever had the hot hand was in there. We've had a good relationship over the years, LenDale and me. I'm a competitor. I love having the ball in my hands. But you can't argue with what he's done over the three years we've split time.

It's a little tough for a running back to get into a rhythm when you're not in there getting all the reps (repetitions) and feeling the defense. But we did it the whole season, alternating according to the situation, and when you got in there you had to take advantage of it...There was no jealousy on the team at all. We were all out there pulling for each other and trying to make each other better.

We lost only two games during our careers and came within inches of winning three straight national championships. That's not shabby


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