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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

NL Scouting's Bill Chachkes' NFL Mock Draft

Billy C, my friend from the 2005 NFL Draft and whom I've featured in my coverage of last year's event, has sent his Mock Draft. Here it is:

The 2006 NFL draft-Who picks whom? And why
(AKA My Mock draft of 2006)

Now that I’ve been watching the draft for so long, I have been getting the feeling that some teams want to keep secret what there are doing from everyone else so bad thatthey go out of their way to fabricate elaborate media spins. With that in mind, why would any teams’ GM tell the truth in those media conferences. I know I wouldn’t.

1) Houston Texans-Reggie Bush-RB, USC
I don't care how many of the Texans staff went to see Vince Young's
Workout. Bush will be a Texan. Dubbed “the Ankle Breaker” by ESPN's
Chris Fowler at the Heisman Award ceremony, Bush is the Prototypical Tailback Houston needs to assist in David Carr's continued development.

2) New Orleans Saints-Mario Williams-DE-North Carolina St.
Some prognosticators have Williams dropping down to the Jets.
I seem to get the vibe that the Saints want to improve their pass rush,
even if they'd be better off taking an OT, like Virginia's D'Brickashaw Ferguson
unless Gm Mickey Loomis trades down.

3) Tennessee Titans- Matt Leinart-QB-USC
Doesn't matter that Titans QB Steve McNair is a big supporter of Vince Young, Leinart is the choice here because of Offensive Coordinator Norm Chow's Connection with USC and the Offensive scheme.

4) New York Jets-D'Brickashaw Ferguson-OT-Virginia
I See the Jets feeling the need to take a defensive star, But one of the Problems
they have had recently is protecting the QB. Weather it's the free agent newcomer
Ramsey, Or the incumbent Pennington, you need beef upfront, and the Jets have trouble keeping healthy Offensive Lineman available.

5) Green Bay Packers-A.J. Hawk-OLB-Ohio State
Some people still think one of the QB's is the right choice here, but with Brett Farve still undecided about his career, and Aaron Rodgers already in waiting, it would be foolish and wasteful to not acquire a true defensive star.

6) San Francisco 49ers- Vernon Davis-TE-Maryland
The Niners really need Defensive secondary help, But Davis is just too good to pass up, and there will be plenty of quality DB's in the second round, plus this coaching staff really wants to rebuild the passing offense.

7) Oakland Raiders-Vince Young-QB-Texas
No surprise here. Even with Aaron Brooks signed to a short term deal,
the Raiders brain trust would be making a mistake to let Young slip any farther
down. While other QB's can get the ball to good WR's, Vince can get the ball deeper.
8) Buffalo Bills-Winston Justice-OT-USC
Some might consider this a reach, but this kid can deliver the goods, and his stock has been rising of late. The Bills need to improve the O-Line, and after Ferguson, Justice is the next best Tackle on the board.

9) Detroit Lions-Michael Huff-DB-Texas
Huff is a solid fit here, as the new coach will be running a cover 2 defense that will need playmakers. Very good skills, and good explosive power off the snap, but can have trouble holding onto the ball.

10) Arizona Cardinals-Brodrick Bunkley-DT-Fla. St.
Bunkley is a dominator on the inside. The word is that the Browns were interested in him two picks later at #12, But I'll be surprised if he falls out of the top 10, as the Cards have a visit with him this week.

11) St. Louis Rams-Jay Cutler-QB-Vanderbilt
People will come to the realization that While Cutler has skills, he just didn't
Win that many games at Vandy, where he was a quality player surrounded by average talent. Once the Jets pass on him at #4, this will be his last chance at being picked in the top half of the round.

12) Cleveland Browns-Ernie Simms-LB-Fla. St.
The Browns might be blowing a lot of smoke about Simms' teammate Brodrick
Bunkley, but Simms is really the player they want in their defensive scheme. A bit
On the small side at 6'1”, Simms makes up for it with his mobility.

13) Baltimore Ravens-Haloti Ngata-DT-Oregon
I just love the way this guy fills holes, and he would look great in front of Ray Lewis, allowing him to roam free once more. Billick and Fassel would love to
get a QB here, but the top 3 will be gone.

14) Philadelphia Eagles-Chad Jackson-WR-Florida
The Birds may want some “D” But WR Jabar Gaffney is a short-term fix at best.
Give Andy Reid some credit here. He knows without T.O. he needs to draft help for McNabb to realize any success in this league before he needs a walker to go collect his paychecks.

15) Denver Broncos (from Atlanta)-DeAngelo Williams-RB-Memphis
Who are the Broncos without a stable of Runners to anchor their Offense?
A short stocky back at 5'8” & 210 pounds, Williams has a low center of gravity that makes it difficult to tackle him. There is the concern of a prior injury, but Denver may be able to afford for him to sit while he continues to recover.

16) Miami Dolphins-Antonio Cromartie-CB-Fla. St.
The Dolphins had a busy off-season, acquiring Will Allen from the Giants after losing Sam Madison to NY. Cromartie is the pick here because of his size (6'2”-205 Lbs) and good cover skills.

17) Minnesota Vikings-Laurence Maroney-RB-Minnesota
A consensus choice-Maroney probably is the third best back in the draft. The Vikings front office staff has been homing in on him for quite some time, as he plays in their home state. An underclassman that would benefit from one more year at the college level.

18) Dallas Cowboys-Donte Whitner-S-Ohio State
A Safety who hits like a Linebacker and has the foot speed to cover Fullbacks and even some slower Tight Ends, Whitner had a decent college career, but is coming out early. Would be a better fit then Jason Allen from Tennessee because of Allen's injuries.

19) San Diego Chargers-Santonio Holmes-WR-Ohio State
A “Bolts” fan might argue that a DB or RB would be a better selection here, but let's get your young QB a chance to succeed. Besides, the next best RB on the draft board is LenDale White, who didn't impress at his pro day.

20) Kansas City Chiefs- Tye Hill- CB-Clemson
A quality cover corner, he makes up for his lack of height by being a good jumper. Could be a nickel back right away, and push for a starting spot later on.
Has remained healthy through most of his career thus far.

21) New England Patriots-Manny Lawson-DE/OLB-N.C. State
Looking for a replacement for Willie McGinest, the pats like his size and ability to play both the line and outside linebacker. Although somewhat of a reach at #21,
he might prove to be more coachable then others still on the draft board.

22) Denver Broncos (from Washington)-Kamerion Wimbley-DE- Fla. St.
Having selected a back earlier, it's time to add some defensive line help.
This young man has some good passrushing skills, and is just the right size at
6'3” and 245 pounds. Only needs to learn a good stunt move or two.

23) Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Tamba Hali-DE-Penn State
You have to believe that the Bucs are looking for the “Best” player available.
Maybe an Offensive lineman would also fill a need, but Hali gives Tampa
a quality player at a position where he is sorely needed. While he weighs nearly 270 pounds, he is a bit short for an end, at 6'1”

24) Cincinnati Bengals-Leonard Pope-TE- Georgia
Next best TE on the board after Maryland's Davis, but Pope is 5 inches taller at 6'7” and has a better reach. Reminds me of Don Hasselbeck size wise, but was a better player in college. Also a deep draft for the position, if he has another good
workout his stock could rise even further.

25) New York Giants-Chad Greenway-LB-Iowa
Giants scouting staff seem to be zeroed in on Greenway, whose 240+ pounds make him an attractive fit to the Giants defense. Remember what I said at the top of this piece though. Giants GM Ernie Accorsi is one of the NFL's smartest front office men. He's also a Smokescreen guy.

26) Chicago Bears-Sinorice Moss-WR-Miami
Da Bears need some pairs of hands for the QB to throw to, weather it's Grossman doing the throwing or not. Enter Santana's little brother. The younger Moss has most of the same traits as his older brother, and the benefit of having played in the U Of Miami scheme. He could only help an aging and depleted group of wide outs.

27) Carolina Panthers-LenDale White-RB-USC
White didn't impress at his pro day, but he's still a quality back. If he's not gone by this point, Carolina will have a hard time passing up on him, with DeShawn Foster's health always a question these days. Not a strong class of backs to begin
with, so White is the last of the top few backs.

28) Jacksonville Jaguars-Davin Joseph-OG-Oklahoma
The Jags really need more then one OL out of this draft, but Joseph is a start.
A squat 6'2” 304 pounder, Joseph can really lay out his opponents. The best natural inside lineman in this draft, all he needs to do is improve his pass blocking skills.

29) New York Jets (From Denver) Nick Mangold-OC-Ohio State
Even though they already took an OL at the top of the round, the Jets really
need to improve their Line, and would not be above taking another lineman, if Mangold is still available. This would also allow Pete Kendall to move back to his more natural position at OG.

30) Indianapolis Colts-D'Qwell Jackson-LB-Maryland
The Colts front office might be reaching a bit with “D Q” here, as he is a bit small at 6'0”(if that) and just over 225. He is extremely fast however, and tackles like he weighs more then he does. No stranger to the weight room, he could bulk up a few pounds by the season.

31) Seattle Seahawks-Mathias Kiwanuka-DE-Boston College
Explosive off the snap, Kiwanuka would benefit from learning a few extra
moves. Has good potential because of his size and strength. Could become a DT if he bulked up some.

32) Pittsburg Steelers-Bobby Carpenter-LB-Ohio State
The only issue here is his injury. If the Steelers feel he will recover, Carpenter would be a boost to the Black & Gold's defense. A little heavy at 260, he might want to do a few push-aways from the buffet table. Worth the last pick of the round.


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