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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Matt Leinart At Playboy Party In Atlanta During Cable Convention - Sees Ex Girlfriend and Gets Jealous - From MySpace

I found this on a MySpace post on tghe site of a guy who calls himself "Doubledown!" (david2d) and lives in Atlanta. The actual post can be seen with a click on the title post link above.

For those who like stories, here it goes:

My friend from CNN took a job a several months ago as a VP for Playboy. We met up a last month in Miami (WMC) and then again last Saturday as he was in Atlanta for a cable tv convention. He sent me an invite for this Playboy party that they'd be sponsoring during the National Show. Well, I've been to 3-4 Playboy parties and they were are virtual hoax they sucked so bad. However, as time neared, it became apparent that this was going to be the actual Playboy Enterprises, not local girls with buddy-ears on.

I invited a couple of girls and put everyone on the list. Both invited wingmen couldn't make it. This was no time for the B-list, so I figured I'd just hangout with the girls. One came early but had to leave, the other came so late that she missed the entire fashion show and most of the rockparty that followed (both of which were too great for words).

Anyway, back to the story. The first girl is one I meet at the best-of-the-best tryouts (some reality show for models) a few weeks prior. I invited her out a few times but always got the "oh, wish I could, call me next time!" response....I'm no rookie, she probably has a boyfriend...but who cares! She's a 6'0 stunning beauty who answers when I call, so she's always invited. Anyway she meets me there around 10pm. I introduce her to the VP, we get some drinks, vip bands, it's totally on!! She's hotter than 90% of the girls working the event.

I claim the sweetest table there and we start having a blast (James's lawyer friend was with me and had 2 hotties with him also). Once we set-up shop, two cameramen start taking pics of us. The show hadn't started yet, so everyone was just watching us. All of a sudden Matt Leinart walks up, cool right? The Heisman winner and soon to be top5 pick in NFL! Well he goes right to Jessica, they hug and start talking like they know each other. (Ok, I really need to start asking people more questions...didn't know, or remember, that she was from LA). Turns out she dated him - during the national championship season! As an LSU fan I threw-up in my mouth a little when I heard that, but I was ready to move-on and party. She wasn't.

There must have been a lot of unresolved issues because it ruined both of their nights! They both got pale and neither could shake it off. *He didn't know she lived here - and - she had no reason to suspect he'd be at the freakin Atlanta Playboy party for a cable tv convention.* The karma was so bad that she left and my crew broke into pieces. James was working the big wigs, so I was all alone for like 45 mins during the party of the freaking year.

Leinart didn't seem to like me, obviously thought I was dating his ex. Haha sucka! Anyway, VP James, the girls, and the lawyer all showed up separately but at the exact same time. Then Brandon (listed on myspace friends) stepped-in as my dependable wingman and it was back on! Great, great, great, great party! Forgot my camera but here's treo phone pic of the ice sculpture...will update this if can get my hands on one of those paparazzi photos early on.


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