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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Why do Players think they are unbreakable?-an editorial

I think Big Ben is lucky to be alive right now. He and the Steelers front office staff should be thinking more about doing something about motor saftey then worrying about when he could take snaps fron under center during a workout!
last year's injury to Kellen Winslow jr. should have been a wake up call to Ben and every other player who owns a bike that nothing in life is risk free, and if you are going to ride a motorcycle, any motorcycle, you need to wear saftey gear,no matter what the state law says.

I never rode a "street" bike the size of the one Ben crashed. In my younger days, i owned and rode 2 different Bikes.
one was a "combo" that i mostly rode on the trails of the pocono mts. in Eastern PA. the other was a Honda 550 that i rode for two years when i just couldn't afford normal 4-wheeled transportation. My Brother-in-law rides some kind of monster bike(a Honda Nighthawk i think) back and forth to work each day while working for the government of the town he lives in.
In nearly 30 years of riding, he tells me he has never had an accident, and never has ridden without a helmet.

I quit riding myself 15 years ago when i got into a minor acident on the Taconic parkway in upstate NY with my Honda. I might have been riding slightly over the speed limit when i hit a depression in the road known as a POTHOLE, and went flying arms first onto the grass on the side of the road. It was an act of god that nothing was broken. That was my last ride on a Bike of any kind with a motor. But i digress.

My prayers are with Ben right now. Even though we know he will recover according to the most recent reports, Prayer still helps. But I also hope that Ben has realized what a foolish mistake he made riding without saftey gear. I hope he will use this pause in his life to address this, and use himself as an example of what not to do with a powerful vechile under you.

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