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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Oh Terrell

Oh Terrell

It's safe to say that Dallas Cowboys WR Terrell Owens has had "Issues"
in his past. Going all the way back to his 49ers days, T.O. was always looking for the spotlight, starting a controversy. But did he really try to kill himself this Tuesday night? Did he really swallow over 30 Vicodin tablets? What could possibly cause his depression?

Today we spoke with two doctors who were willing to comment, but without the use of their names. The first, a sports medical specialist who's practice treats many High School and College players, was very careful choosing his words with us. "We really don't know the kind of emotional stress Mr. Owens is under. His injury was keeping out of playing, but he would have returned shortly, yes" "we think so" I said. " Then it could also be the pressure of dealing with the Coach's personality." "You Think?" I suggested. "It's possible he did swallow a few extra pills, but not 30 or more, no way." That was the end of my conversation with the first doctor.

But I wanted to hear from another medical approach, so I called my personal Chiropractor, who also treats various sports injuries as well as the average gamut of medical issues. After we exchanged pleasantries and he told me I was well overdue for a visit. I asked him for a little time to give me background on what T.O. was going through pain management wise. "Well I don't really treat anything below the shoulder, but I can tell you from having a few broken fingers it can be quite painful" he said. "Any kind of extremity pain from broken bones will make persons of weaker constitution look for a way to reduce the pain, it's just human psychology." So the next question is did T.O. accidentally overdose? Or did he really know that the Vicodin would not mix well with whatever supplements he was taking?

That’s a question we may never get the answer to, but I can tell you my own personal experience with Vicodin. I have had a bad back (broken facet joints and transverse processes) for over 20 years as the result of an accident.
I had never taken Vicodin until two years ago when a new orthopedic specialist I was seeing prescribed a supply for me to take "only when needed." After the first two times taking a whole pill, I began cutting them in half because they were so strong. I still have over half the bottle. Vicodin is a very strong drug, and I'm no doctor, but if T.O. had taken 30+ Pills, the Doctors at Baylor would have never gotten the chance to pump his stomach before it was too late.


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