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Monday, August 07, 2006

The TURK - Tuesday Morning Comes Early In The NFL Thanks To The TURK

One thing i know about football players: they never wanna hear " Coach wants to see you in his office, and bring your playbook."

That means your going home. One week from today, on the 15th at 4 pm, some men will have their dreams of making it in the NFL end when they hear that phrase. For some it may not be over, they may catch on with another team, or play another version of the sport(arena, CFL, NFL Europe, or a variant of Semi-Pro ball).

But for most others, when they hear those words,..it's over. Those who finished college have a chance to Teach, and possibly coach at some level. others wind up doing a "regular" job while they wait for a call to go back and try one more time.

Kurt Warner got the call while he was bagging groceries in a supermarket. It's a process that goes on each year. The person who bringsthe bad news has been called all sorts of names by many people, but he'll always be known as the "Turk." i wish all the rookies in camps right now the best of luck. When the Turk shows up, they will need it!


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